I'm what they call a "work-at-home mom" - or a WAHM for those who are too lazy to type out the words "work-at-home mom." *

*Unlike me. I'm so super not-lazy that I typed out the words TWICE. Which, like, totally negates the fact that I will probably stay in my pajamas until I pick my son up from school.

I'm not gonna lie: there are definite advantages to being a WAHM. Like the ability to watch Jerry Springer while you work be there to care for your kids. Or the benefit of staying in your comfy clothes all day setting your own hours. I know there are tons of moms who would give their left boob to be able to work from the comfort of their own homes, and it really is a blessing.


I'm irritated lately. I think WAHMs get a bad rap; people seem to be deaf to the "work" part and only hear the sweet sound of "at home." They envision their days at home, which are mostly days off, when they take a break. And although to those people, working from home may seem like a bon-bon-eating, couch-lounging, sweatpants-wearing ticket to Easy Street, it ain't no picnic. You know why? Because it's still WORK. Just like at an office. But since you're at home, you have to throw in the additional demands of the household and its unruly beasts occupants. You're doing regular work - just as you'd do from the comfort of some fluorescent-lit cubicle somewhere - but you're also doing the Mommy thing on top of everything else. And though it's been a few years since I've worked outside my house, I'm pretty sure that office settings don't look like this:

People who work in an office probably don't have to wait for their colleagues to nap before conducting a business call. And I bet they never have to clean up anyone else's cubicle ... or better yet, wipe anyone else's butt. They most likely get to sit and work without being interrupted every 2.5 seconds because heeeee's hitting meeeeeee! or I need some chocolate miiiiiiiilk! No one demands to sit on their lap and presses keys in the process, or accidentally turns off their computer mid-project with a kicking foot. And I doubt they have to worry that while they do their work, their officemates are making a huge mess in the next room.

So yeah - working from home is hard. Especially since some people seem to be under the impression that it's anything but.

Now if you'll excuse me, I've got to type up an invoice. With one hand. While someone crawls on my back. A WAHM's work is never done!   


  1. I used to do a work at home gig too. You are so right. It ain't all pjs and sleeping late.

  2. Love it! You are funny, creative, and a great WAHM!
    I needed a good laugh this morning. Thanks!

  3. Live your drawings they are adorable. I am actually trying to work at home now. Well first I need a job besides, housekeeper and bill paper/ secretary. HUbby actually found ad ad for a free lance illustrator and I got all excited them the lady emailed me back that she would contact me if she needed me. WFT? You put out an add, I was all excited and now I'm dissapointed.
    You are amazing for doing all you do!

  4. OMG! My thoughts exactly about a week ago! It is SO HARD to work with three children in your office and having to clean up after them and entertain them. It makes me mad thinking about how much I could get done in a short amount of time if I just had an office to go to....alone!

  5. oh and by the way, I usually don't stay in my PJ's until 3:00 because I want to be comfortable. It is because I don't have TIME to take a shower until the baby naps. (RIGHT?)

  6. You have the hardest job ever. I did have to giggle over changing a poopy butt tho before having a conference call.

  7. I can't imagine working from home.

    I don't know where I would stick all those sick ppl and I don't want them bleeding all over my house. ;)

    (in case you didn't know I am an RN and knowing this makes me comment more funny. or so I think)

  8. I absolutely love your drawings...they slay me.

    I also love how you clarified for all others the difficulty of actually WORKING at home. And frankly, even the just Stay at home Moms, it's not all sunshine and lollipops. It's constantly dealing with KIDS!! I teach out of my home, therefore I work a few afternoons a week. It's impossible with the kids (for all the reasons you listed) so I just have to get a babysitter for those hours.

    Anyway, LOVED this post!

  9. Ha! Ha ha ha ha hah ahahahahahaha! OMG this is so funny! I love the cartoons, awesome!! I'm still laughing at the poopy guy in a suit! I can't even read this post with out my 2 year old leaning on my left arm. I do work from home....just no one pays me, so Guess you are pulling off two jobs at once. If you ask me its more like double duty.

  10. i totally agree! up until today, the hubby worked at home and the kid wont let up. my main job while the hubby is at work is to entertain the kid so he can have his work done.

  11. LOL, I love "your" expression at the poopy guy in the suit! I'm just glad I don't have to put up with such things at my office.......well, almost never anyway.....

  12. I TOTALLY want to be a WAHM (me, just lazy to type it out...). But, I know it won't be an easy fete. I had to type a one handed email with my resume yesterday and I can only imagine what that would lead to in the future.

    But the benefit of that? You are more inclined to be short and sweet and right to the point. Who has time to type all this out when doing so with one hand? HA!

  13. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes - you SAID it! I love the "you're home, can you do this or that for me" 'cause you know, you don't have anything better to do. At least now I'm my only enemy 'cause the cookie monster grew up and left home... sort of. Still pops in for a swim now and again. And lunch. And "Do you have, can I have, got any of?"

  14. Hi :)

    I found you off of a friends blog (www.momentsofclaritybymundanemomma.blogspot.com) and read yours now and then.

    Today I happened to back track through your posts, and came across this one. I usually don't laugh out loud while reading blogs, or even cry from trying hard not to laugh (my desk is outside my kids rooms) - but I just HAD to when I saw your pictures! Having trouble typing now, and not laughing out loud (lots of backspacing here to fix words!).

    Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for the great laugh! I'm an at home mom, and I so get what you're talking about :)

    Cheers ...

  15. OMG, I just found your blog and love it. I am a mother of two young boys, 5 and 3 as well as a WAHM. However, I my boys are in preschool full time, so I get some peace for a part of the day. I look forward to reading your blog and laughing with you!

  16. Loving your blog. Just found it tonight. I'm in Australia by the way, where every mom is a "supermom" and they seem to turn up to school drop off in fully pressed clothes, vacuumed cars, beautifully straightened hair, and kids with no toothpaste on their mouths. I (being an irish non national resident of Oz) on the other hand can't get out of he car, I kiss and drop, as I am usually in pj's with a beanie hat on to cover up the "bed hair". I can be seen (top half only) spitting on a tissue and wiping toothpaste off my kids and their sweaters as they exit my rather messy car. But I leave small traces so that the teachers know that they do brush their teeth. I would love to know how these ladies do this in the mornings before 8am? And how their kids have chicken and salad wraps with fresh prepared fruit salad for lunch. Not a pb&j in sight, granola bars are a no, no and god forbid the apple is still whole surrounding the core.
    We all know mom's like this but they are in abundance here. And...................................they are WAHM'S as am I but I can't seem to even dress myself before 10th.
    Mom to boy 13, girl 11, girl 6 and boy 11 weeks.

  17. The best one this weekend had to be this: my wife, who works all day at the university with unruly bachelor students (who sometimes are just as bad as little kids) wanted to get some work done at home on her private laptop. I, being the WAHD, was picking up (for the 1,000,000th time) the dishes and stuffies strewn about the kitchen. Suddenly, one of my girls (my girls act like boys - there ain't no sugar and spice in THIS household) runs out of the kitchen screaming. I run from the baby room, my wife from the back bedroom (the safest place to work in the house, we thought). We both administer to the baby, who is screaming bloody murder about the plastic plate falling on her head out of the shelf - which she pulled down, of course.

    and nobody notices in the meantime, the OTHER baby girl toddle off in the direction of the back bedroom.

    After a crunching sound coming from that room, my wife looks up with a sudden horror... and sprints off. Moments later, I hear a barrage of NOs and a screaming baby. I sprint off to see that the baby toddling back is screaming about being yelled at.

    It seems that a laptop makes a really nice baby-sized self-warming chair.

    Luckily, nothing was broken. Not even the laptop.

  18. I loved this! I work at home as well and I do often feel that so many people don't get that my work NEVER LEAVES. My students call me at random hours and expect instant email service....and then of course there are the two screaming boys who can't manage to do anything without help or telling me.....


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