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I'm about to say something that, in some places, would probably get me strung up by my heels. At the very least, I know a few of you are going to give your computer screen a really dirty look. I'll probably lose followers over this (some were apparently offended by my "not-so-fresh" post. Ooops).


Here goes.

... I (hate, despise, detest, loathe) really don't like football.

There. I said it. I don't like football. On a scale of one to ten, my interest in football - sports in general, actually - is about a negative eleven.

Football, to me, is like coffee. Or beer. It's something that I feel almost ... wrong, almost un-American, not liking. Something that I honestly wish I could acquire a taste for, but can't seem to, no matter how hard I try. I like football weather. I like the cute team-logoed sportswear. I like the excitement of the fans. But the sport itself? Blah.

I've tried learning the rules. I don't get it. I've tried just watching the bubbly football-player butts bouncing up and down the field. And don't get me wrong - that's pretty decent to watch for, like, the first twenty minutes - but even that gets old.

What kind of a curse is this, this apathetic attitude toward all things sporty? Especially for the mom of THREE SONS? It's going to be horrible for me when they start playing team sports in school. Absolutely torturous. Thank goodness I've still got a few years to go before then.

Up until this point, I've been able to live a happily sports-free existence. My husband, in general, isn't much of a sports fan. He wants to watch the occasional UFC fight (barf), and played sports in high school, but he's not one of those guys that's all over it like white on rice.

Notice in the paragraph above, I said, "Up until this point?" Yeah. That's because today, there was a most unfortunate (well, unfortunate for me) turn of events. Curtis sat down in front of the TV, and instead of cop shows or shows about fish like he usually watches, he turned on ... a football game.

And then when that one was over? He flipped to another one.


I stood in the center of the living room, head cocked to one side, eyes bugged out, looking at him like he was growing a tail.

"What?" he asked innocently.

I gestured wildly to the TV. "Football?" I spat.

He shrugged, eyes never faltering from the screen. "I like football. I'm gonna start watching it from now on."

I could have fallen over. Because y'all? Curtis saying that he's going to watch football from now on is like him saying, "Hey, I'm gonna start wearing my hair in a mullet," or "Hey, I'm gonna stop at the bar every night after work." Not exactly something I'm overjoyed to hear. My sports-less little world has been rocked by this one ominous announcement.

What's worse, is that I can't do anything about it. I mean, if it were my boys, I'd just be all, "Um. No." But this is my husband. And if he's decided that he loves him some football, well, I guess I'd better get used to it.

So I need your advice. If you love football, why? If you used to hate football, but now you like (or at least tolerate) it, what's your secret? I'd like to share my man's interest if I possibly can - to make it easier on myself, if nothing else!

Lay it on me!


  1. I'm a previously football-apathetic turned fanatic. I love football- well, college football (not so much NFL.) I had never watched one single game before I got married, but now it's something that we really enjoy watching together. I'm not sure I have any secrets to liking it, other than it's better to watch something together than nothing.

  2. Sorry honey, I can't help you. I still don't like sports, except I'll watch the Olympics once in a while. However, when your boys are playing it will be more interesting, even if you don't understand all the rules. There's just something thrilling about watching your own kids, I guess. Good luck learning to love - or at least tolerate - football!

  3. Wait! What? People were offended by your "not so fresh" post? SERIOUSLY? MAN people are so feraking annoying! Can't even imagine being so uptight that they were offended.

    Anyway....I SO FEEL YOU on this whole football thing. I hate it, I don't get it, I don't CARE! i think it's utterly ridiculous the obsession people have with it and the lengths they go to watch it. Thankfully I have a husband who could care less about it as well. PHEW! Well, other than his once a year "manztravaganza" of college football. THAT I can handle.

    So, good luck friend on this new "adventure." I'll just hope it's a quick passing phase.

  4. Sorry, I (hate) don't like sports too.
    However if he's not been a sport's fan till now, I doubt it will last long.
    May be he was mocking you.

  5. That's like here in in England during the world cup people were completely ostrisized for not wearing and England shirt, hat, sticker, car bumper, flag, flip-flops, removeable tatoo, and so much more it's scary.

    I like the odd game but why can't people just accept that we are all DIFFERENT? Jeeze! If my OH kicked of about me not liking football as much as him (which he would bever do) then I would make him sit through an entire Gymnastics competition - which I am going to do when we get the Olympics here in 2012. lol I'm so cruel lol

    Take care, KC xx - Always welcoming new followers, guests and comments xx

  6. Okay, as a total football fanatic, I am not a bit upset by your post, for two reasons - A. I feel the exact same way about soccer (I even detest looking at the black and white ball, "make up your mind people, make it either black or white, not a cutesy little round checkerboard"), and B. I was a former anti-sports, card carrying protester.

    I married a coach (and former player) and it was simply either get on the bandwagon or spend weekends alone. He actually wasn't that bad, but I could tell how much he loved it, so I tolerated it with (leaving him with the kids) shopping on Saturday and movie marathons in the bedrooms on the little TVs on Sunday until the bug finally bit me.

    Well, it didn't actually bite me, it sort of snuggled up to me at first, softening me up, and later on, when I wasn't expecting it, it latched on full force.

    Two things brought me to love the off football (and eventually other sports), first finding and identifying with a team. You have embrace a team and make it yours, for whatever reason. You might like the cute mascot, it might be near home or it might have a hottie player (yes, I am still into oogling Tom Brady - this year with his long locks, awesome body and boyish smile - he is the quarterback for the New England Patriots btw). Secondly, your love will come when your boys start playing, it simply changes a person. You have to know what is going on, and there is nothing like seeing your little man making that awesome play or goal!

    With three boys in the house, as rough and tumble as they are, sports is going to be an unavoidable occurrence. Even if you try to discourage it, they will play with friend, it will become a part of their life, so start preparing now. It doesn't mean you will embrace it (at first), but it will give you a way to communicate with them when they hit those teens and Mom is just the most useless thing ever! Good luck.

  7. Well, I used to say if you can't beat 'em- join 'em!
    My husband became interested in bow hunting, so I decided I would get my own bow and join him. I did for one season,but soon lost interest.
    Now I would say get your own TV and watch something different. I hate football. too. But I love coffee!

  8. I do not like football. At all. Nothing has ever changed my mind about it, not even dating a football player for 4 years and going to his games. I hope Jonah never develops an interest in football.

    That said, I do like other sports. Soccer is awesome and by far my favorite. I also enjoy tennis. And I grew to really like basketball.

    And honestly, I truly think you will love watching your kids play whatever it is they decide they are interested in. I adore being a soccer mom. But truth be told, I'd raptly watch Jonah count grains of rice. Lol!

  9. You'll get way more into it if/when your boys want to play for a school team. Then you'll be, like, their #1 football fan. You'll know the rules then, and you'll let the refferee know that he made the wrong call..WHY? Cause that's your baby out on that field, and oh no he didn't just call that call on my baby!! And when the boys get older they will not only want to play football, they will want you to watch it with them (and hey, when they are teenagers they hardley ever want to do anything with you)!!!And how can you turn their request down? So you'll set and watch and then *poof* you are a full fledged FOOTBALL FANATIC!!!!
    And trust me, I should know...seeing how we have 6 boys and only 1 girl!!

  10. Wait, you don't like coffee? I can't focus on the football. Okay, Matt loves it; I ask him to build a fire and then I cuddle up in front of it with a book. I actually find football to be enjoyable background for reading because WTF cares, right? ;-)

  11. Football to me is more about the excitement. I don't really watch it play by play (except at the actual game). I never liked it until I saw a pro game in person. It's contagious, the anticipation and excitement. You become family with the people next to you.

    Plus, I love it because my husband loves it. It's just something that came naturally because it made him happy to be able to talk to me about it. I didn't have to force myself, it just happened naturally.

    With that said, I don't think everyone has to love it. And, you two have sort of had an agreement up until now. That makes it more difficult.

  12. It happened for me by accident, and it happened because of my dad. I set out one afternoon to destroy my dad's "game time" by asking a bunch of incessant questions. He started explaining stuff to me, and once I actually understood it I realized that I actually like it. Now, it's something we bond over (although I'd still prefer to do other things) and I constantly impress my new husband with all my "sports knowledge", even if I do just know the terminology and not necessarily what I just said.

  13. I can't say that I have love for football or any sport but when my son started to play baseball I found that after I learned what was going on I really enjoyed it.

    If your boys start to play I think you'll find you like it more.

  14. I feel your pain. I don't like football. My husband and son watch it all Sunday every Sunday. I don't like hockey. The boys either watch it or play it pretty much all week long. I don't like soccer. Same situation as the hockey.

    But I did manage to find an upside - while they're watching their sports, I can blog in piece, or watch my girlie shows in the other room and they don't even notice I'm not there!

  15. Ok, so pre-kids, I never minded when my hubby watched football or golf on Sundays b/c it was perfect background noise to NAP TO!

    And now that all 3 boyz are playing Pop Warner, I actually have learned the game and enjoy watching them play.

    You'll see when it's your boys out there - I promise you that you'll start to like it!

  16. I could care less about football. And baseball? GAWD, I hate it. SO BORING!

    But I can tolerate them both in small doses. (luckily, I like football a bit more since we watch it more often.) Why can I get into it? Because I'm competitive. So, I want whatever team I've chosen to win. Yeah, I probably picked the ones with the cute quarterback or cutest uniforms... get over it!

  17. I'm not a huge sports fan, either. Mike IS a huge sports fan, but bless him--we've had much less sports on our tv than I ever expected. He does turn on football on Sunday in the fall/winter though. I haven't found a way to actually love the game yet, but I have found something to make it at least a little fun for me. Competition! A football pool! Which now includes my whole family. All of the games for the week are listed and everyone chooses the team they think will win each game. The Monday night game is the tiebreaker. The total points for the Monday night game is the double tiebreaker. The person with the most correct picks at the end of the week's games, is the winner! We each pay one dollar per game. I know absolutely nothing about football, and I swear I often pick based on the team colors or mascot that I like best, but I still win quite often! It at least gives me a reason to pay attention or root for a team!
    I do enjoy actually going to games (before it's freezing cold) because I like to people watch.
    My sister on the other hand is like a man with football. A couple of Saturdays ago we had plans and she literally said, "I have to get home by noon for the Chiefs game." I still can't comprehend that...


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