RIP Flips

If you're like me, there are things you buy and only end up wearing, like, one time before you decide they make you look fat/stupid/fat and stupid. And on the flip side, if you're like me, there are things you buy and wear over. And over. And over. And over. And over. Like, everysingleday, or until your husband is all, "Um, is that a hole?" and you're like, "No it's just a tiny spot where the fabric is wearing thin now go away!!" and then secretly sob in your closet because you know that it is indeed a hole and that means the end is near.

... No? Just me then?


Anyway, if you've been around the Frump for a while, you probably know how I become insanely attached to certain items of clothing and/or footwear. The ones that have become like a second skin, and make up for all the never-worn purchases. Case in point: my beloved pants who met their holey fate last April. Let's have a moment of silence .............................*

*Picture me staring dramatically into the distance as a single tear leaves a glistening path on my cheek. That's how much I loved those pants, y'all.

Today I'm mourning the heart-wrenching loss of another wardrobe favorite, once the feature of a "'Stuff I Like' Sunday" post, where I freely sang their praises with nary a prompt from the Nike people. That's right: I've lost my flip-flops. ← Seriously, click here and read about them, because they were the most awesome flips EVAH.

They're the shoes that trekked back and forth to the bar across the beaches of Cancun on an awesome vacation. The shoes that fit my football-feet and sausage-toes when I was ten hundred months pregnant and couldn't wear anything else. The shoes that protected my bare feet from dog-poop landmines while I wore them to mow. The shoes that I wore so often that I sported a heinous flip-flop tan - but I, like, didn't even care because I loved them so much. The shoes that I wore even though it was getting cold out because hello, convenient slip-ons!

But all that's over now. Thanks to my ever-loving bitch dog Josie, my sweet sole-mates look like this:

Need I mention that this is the second pair of shoes she has chewed up in three days?

Need I mention that the first pair was a pair of adorable wedges I just bought and had only worn once?

Damn dog.

Anyway, the loss of the wedges was infuriating, but the loss of the flip-flops ... well, obviously, I'm beside myself with grief. I've been trolling the Internet for a new pair because they must be replaced, like instantly. I can't seem to find them as easily as I found the first pair - I don't know if Nike is (gasp!) phasing them out or what. But I'm determined. 

Nothing's gonna stop me from sporting another flip-flop tan this summer. Not even the dog. 



  1. Damn dog is right! I don't know what I'd do if I lost "Precious" (that I've worn almost every warm day for the last 7 yrs). I feel so bad for you I would give you my "Precious" which is identical to your flip flops ... but we all know that's not going to happen. LOL.

  2. That is depressing!!! I lost the best pair of dressy boots I've ever owned thanks to my fortunate adorable dog. (if she wasn't so cute she would have ended up as my next pair!) I think I did cry because it took me so long to find the perfect pair and she had them chewed up 30 seconds after I got them home. Good luck in your search!!!

  3. Uh, I feel the pain, truly. I adore my flip flops, and despite the fact I wear them to the bitter end, it hurts (so bad) to let them go, doesn't it? Good luck on the new search. May the new pair bring joy as well.

  4. Gosh, I feel like I've lost a family member! I can't remember seeing you without those flips for a VERY long time! You should send your 'Stuff I Like' blog and this one to the NIKE folks and maybe they'd find you a new pair!

  5. I get wildly attached to some pieces of clothing also...lost a pair of Teva flip flops last year that I just nearly cried over. They'd been with me about 5 years. Traveled all over Europe with me, up mountains and down, never let me slip, dodged many a pile of dog poop... They will be severely missed. I feel your pain and my own is welling up again. ;)

    I also lost a pair of jeans and a shirt last year that I was SO in love with. It was not a normal kind of love - the jeans and I were soul mates. And I know I should just be grateful that I wasn't seriously injured and that they HAD to cut the clothes off me. But seriously. My legs were totally fine! The broken arm and 8 fractured ribs would have actually made getting the shirt off though... :)

    You're gonna need a muzzle for that dog...getting to be an expensive habit! Or maybe she's just trying to help encourage you to have everything locked away out of her reach lol. That was the only thing that worked with our dog...and one of our CATS!

    Just found you via Parenting By Dummies and I'm totally hooked :)

  6. OH MY GOSH - THE PAIN, THE PAIN! I know - it is YOUR fault I ended up buying 3 pairs of those flip flops. I'm down to my last pair. I went by a Nike outlet in Vegas - didn't have them - bought what they did have. They are *ok* - not perfect like the others. Please have mercy - if you find any anywhere please let me know. Did you have a funeral for the flip??

  7. This says "plus" - ??


  9. What are you THIKING, mowing the lawn in open-toed shoes??? This was God's way of telling you to put some REAL shoes on when operating heavy machinery!


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