"Stuff I Like" Sunday: The Best. Flip-Flops. EVER.

I realize it's late in the year to be talking about flip-flops (here in the States, anyway), but I figure, why not? It's probably a good time to snag a pair from an end-of-season clearance! Which, coincidentally, is exactly what I plan to do. Because, you guys? The shoes I'm about to share with you - my Nike flip-flops - get across-the-board rave reviews from me. And I'm a picky biatch, so that says a lot.

(Before I start: Nike in no way coerced or compensated me for endorsing these flips. Although - I totally wish they would've. So to any high-powered Nike execs that are reading this (LOL) : if you'd like to hook me up with, like, a lifetime supply of free flip-flops, please do. ... Please?)


I heard a ton about these flip-flops before I ever bought them. My sister has a pair that she actually calls "My Precious." My girl Denni has a couple of pairs that she has always spoken of in glowing terms. So when we went to Cancun last July, and I found a pair of these flips on sale, I snatched 'em up. (I *think* their technical name might be "Nike Celso Women's Thong," if you want to Google them or something; I just call 'em "Ahhhhh ...") It was a match made in heaven, and they've rarely left my feet since. Seriously. Even in weather when it's just stupid to wear flip-flops.

They were pricier than I'm used to when it comes to that type of footwear, because previously, I was all about the $3 flips from Old Navy. I think I paid about $17 on sale for these, but OMG were they ever worth it. They're the squishiest, cushiest shoes you'll ever walk on. In fact, I wear them around the house in lieu of slippers - they're that comfy. (After a while, they kind of mold to your feet, too, which just increases their comfort.) And as much as flip-flops can be considered "fashionable," these are: except for a tiny, non-invasive little white Nike symbol on the strap, they're basic black which makes them pretty versatile.

I think I like them best for their durability, though. I've had mine for over a year and have worn them more times than I can count - especially this summer, during my pregnancy, when I've literally worn them everysingleday. Not only that, but I wear them for everything; I'm far from careful with them. I even mow in them - which gets them filthy (I have a little game I play with myself called "mud or shit," where I try to guess what I've just stepped in) and grass-stained - but I just wear them into the shower with me and they easily rinse clean, as good as new. And they're still in nearly the same condition they were in when I bought them, despite my rough treatment.

I can only think of one tiny gripe ... they do get a little bit slippery if you're walking around with them wet. Like, poolside. Or through puddles or wet grass. Not so much that I've ever actually fallen while wearing them, but I've slid a couple of times. Still, their complete awesomeness totally eclipses any negative points.

Here's a picture of me in Cancun with them on. (And PS - I promise you it's not the shoes that make my feet look so big. They really ARE that huge and clownlike.)

And here's a pic of me sporting them on the 4th of July, with a patriotically correct pedi.

If you need further proof of my undying love and adoration for my beloved Nike flip-flops, check this out: my rad (I'm so bringing that word back, BTW) flip-flop tan.

#1.) Yes, my toenails ARE painted - they're just painted in a very neutral, toenail-like color.

#2.) Yes, I did it myself. Why do you think it looks so craptastic?

So there it is: the latest thing I'm loving for "Stuff I Like" Sunday. And I've even fetched you a helpful link to the "Nike Celso" section of a site called TheFind, where you can view a whole bunch of different colors and styles and compare prices. It's like the mother lode.

Do you have a pair? Do you love them obsessively like I do? Let's talk.


  1. Just found your block thru Let's have a cocktail, and I'm so glad she recommended yours! Love it! Your humor and writing style are right up my alley. Can't wait to dig in more so hope you don't mind having another follower.

    Have a great Sunday!

  2. Tell Nike I would totally buy these based on this recommendation! Let the free flips rain down on you!

  3. I don't have any - yet but I will look for some at the end of summer sales. Right now my flip flops have bling - as my 3 year old says "sparkly mommy"

  4. Love that tan line Mamalita!

    I have something for you. So get your best cocktail dress on..with your flip flops of course, and come over for the party.

  5. I pretty much only buy Reefs but you may have convinced me otherwise.

  6. i love filp flops and they look good i wonder if you can get here in the UK even though its pissing down with bloody rain AGAIN!!

    i could do with another pair. I'm wearing a pair of nice buckled sandles from next at the mo, i love them so much. (i have a matching tan line too!) xxx

  7. Thanks to you, I have forked out $66 to Nike.com today. It is ALL your fault. These flip flops were on sale for $22 apiece and I HAD to purchase 3 pair 'cause I wanted the colors. I am a flip flop fanatic, and like you, wear them year round - cold winter tootsies anyone? And yeah, when I was 8 months pregnant I was wearing flops and slipped on wet concrete stairs and fell flat on my bootie and freaked out everyone around me. They thought I was going to spontaneously combust!!

  8. Love flip flops and live in flip flops. Will have to try these out!!

  9. Found you from JennyMac! Flipflops make my toes hurt. (you're welcome for sharing)

    I did read the post about your infomercial addiction. my kids have this and I have to hear about every single thing that is on sale and everything that you get not just one...but two of, every day!

  10. I have a tan line from my havaianas which I have worn every single day since about May, including walking all around the zoo with never a blister or foot pain. love love love them. Next time I'm shopping for some flip flops though I'll totally keep these in mind! thanks!

  11. Ummmmm---I can't stand flip-flops, so I guess I can't be excited for you....

    To each his own, though, right?

  12. So, living in a considerate climate such as I do, I wear flip-flops all year round (yes, I have been known to don toe socks and wear them) and I sport the same tan as you do. But (and perhaps it is a regional thing), my flop of choice are Rainbows. And yes, I have them in five different colors, they go casual to dressy for me!

  13. I also have Nikes, but the kind that are kind-of like the "ThermoPedic" of flip flops. They were a little more pricy, I think. ($23?) But OMG comfortable. I wore them the entire summer and because I got them wet they fell apart by one of my big toes. Not so great, but at the same time, OMG comfortable still!

    I will, however, keep an eye out for the ones you recommended because they don't seem like they would fall apart!

  14. Have these. Love them. My mother-in-law also has them and loves them. I do have the same complaint about the slipperiness though.
    Now, excuse me while I check out the shopping link and buy some new colors.

  15. hi I found your blog and I love the colors I am your newest follower, I am having a blog swap for flip flops, come check it out


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