A Big "Fork You"

I love to cook, and I'm pretty goshdang good at it. I mean, I know you guys probably don't think so because I've posted about a few epic cooking fails on here (alcoholic soup, desserts that resemble poop, and lemon cake that even my non-picky husband wouldn't eat). But those are few and far between. For the most part, mama knows her way around the kitchen, y'all.

Which is why I completely fail to understand why my kids act like I'm serving them sewer sludge at every meal.

It's not like I'm feeding them anything weird. It's not like I plop down a plate of jellied tongue and vol-au-vent of sweetbread (non fancy-schmancy translation: a puff pastry full of animal intestines. You're welcome) and expect them to gobble it up with gusto. I give them generally kid-friendly food - spaghetti and meatballs, homemade chicken noodle soup, tacos, stuff like that. And in small portions ... like, really small ... like, "I-don't-know-how-you-don't-waste-away-eating-such-birdlike-quantities" small. 

But still, they turn their little noses up at everything I offer (except for the baby, but I estimate that'll be changing within the next six months or so). And to add insult to injury, proclaim it "yucky." Like the other night: I had slow-cooked a pot roast with baby carrots and potatoes and made gravy. Delicious. However, I noticed that Cameron hadn't taken a single bite and was just pushing his around his plate.

"Cameron. Eat," I said.

He whined and fidgeted. "But it's yuckyyyyyy," he replied. And then?

He ate a booger.


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  1. Apparently we're living the same life. My two boys are the same. I tell them how when I was little, I had to eat liver, and steak and KIDNEY pie, and beef stew that really hadn't been stewed nearly long enough (I'm pretty sure sometimes it wasn't even beef...)I serve them chicken breast; tender, juicy, flavourful, and they'd rather eat nuggets that contain something that may have once resembled a chicken. I make delicious homemade soups they won't try, homemade pasta sauces that get passed over for KD. Ugh. It's frustrating!

  2. Story of my life every night between 5:30–7:00. Even when I ask them what they want me to make, they get all crazy.

  3. Yup, my son will eat his boogers but a carrot will make him vomit. *sigh*

  4. Even if it's something kid-friendly, my daughter still manages to say "Ewww.... something crunchy" (meaning onions) even if I haven't used onions.


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