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My life lately has been one big ball of crazy ... which is a good thing, for the most part, but doesn't leave me much time or energy to write. (And yes, it takes energy to write. My fingers get so tired, y'all.) So this post is going to be one of my infamous "rabbit-turd" posts: i.e., just a bunch of random snippets that I can't seem to fit together into a series of coherent transitions.

So here goes. Ahem.

- Yesterday I found a stuffed Elmo in my freezer. He wasn't just cold, but frozen stiff ... which means he was wet when he went in. Wet from what, I'm not sure, but let's just say "toilet water" is pretty much the first thing that comes to mind. Ick. Time for a bath, Elmo. ... Or maybe just the trash can. Like Oscar.

- Speaking of toilets, I found two D batteries in mine the other day. Thank goodness the culprit didn't flush.

- I'm teaching Zumba now. I have six classes this week, and will only be adding more from here on out. Whew! It's so much fun, though. My absolute favorite part is seeing people walk out of my class sweaty and SMILING ... and then returning for the next class! So far everyone really seems to be enjoying themselves - in fact, my evening sessions are almost always packed to capacity. At first I was super-nervous every time, but now it's getting to the point where I just feel like I'm goofing off with a bunch of friends, which is such a relief. I find myself messing up less and less, and when I do mess up, I don't feel like somebody's gonna come hurtling to the front and pulverize me. Yay! Anyway, if you're local (Quad-Cities Iowa area) and want my class schedule, cliz-nick on ovah (I'm so gangsta) to this link and check it out!

- Cameron and Coby go to the gym daycare room while I'm teaching my morning classes, and they love it because they get to make crafty things out of paper. Cameron, for some reason, chooses to make a paper-plate crab every time. Which means he now has multiple crabs. Which means he held them both up to me and said, "Look Mommy! I've got CRABS!" Which kicked the immature part of my brain into overdrive and I was all, OMG, my kid got crabs from his daycare, heeheehee. (Only in my head, of course.)

- My carpet is driving me insane with its yuckity un-cleanliness. I seriously think I'd be better off ripping the whole thing up and just putting some cheap laminate flooring down all over my house until everybody is eighteen. Or maybe astro-turf. Because by the time the boys and the dogs get through with it, it's like I said, "Hey, walk through here with your muddy feet while eating that bright-blue popsicle and carrying that red permanent marker and don't forget to dribble some grape juice on the way and who needs a fence or a leash the dogs can just pee in here if they want to." I wish steam-cleaning weren't so dang expensive because my carpet could sure use some lovin' from Stanley. As in Stanley Steemer.

- Have you ever tried to get Cocoa Pebbles cereal off the sides of a bowl once they've dried? IMPOSSIBLE. I almost had to use a sander, but then I soaked it for a while and they came off.

- I've said it before, and I'll say it again: it infuriates me when someone PARKS in the DROP-OFF LANE at school. Like, really bakes my potato. There is an effing parking lot for that. If you're going to take your kid in to school personally, then park in the parking lot.

Okay. I think I'm done for now. Cameron and Coby have managed to pull a strange assortment of baking pans and plastic cups out of my cabinets and there's something wet on the floor behind me. Let's hope it's not sticky too.


  1. True story: a friend of my wife's from college actually contracted an STD from the pool at the Y.

  2. Buying a steam cleaner is totally worth the investment, IMO!! It'll pay for itself in no time. My husband I got one for our condo. After we paid a company over a $100 just to do a portion of our 1100sq foot condo the math was pretty simple. We did our research and found one that works for us and the pet traffic. We just moved into a house and 3/4 of is Pergo but two bedrooms have carpet and I thought the thing is going to collect dust. Not even in the house for a month yet and one of the carpets already has to be steam cleaned. One of the best household tools we ever purchased and worth the money!

  3. Funny, I live in Australia and still people park in the drop off lane at schools. It's an international pet peeve- you are not alone.

  4. Finding things not-toilet-related in your toilet is always a suprise! I recall a fried chicken leg appearing once, and also helping your Aunt Judy & Uncle Jim remove a Fisher-Price horse from their toilet.

    So glad the boys love their daycare - and so glad someone else is doing crafts with them, you know that just isn't my strong point.

    I love my Pergo floor! Just mop and forget it. Only trouble is, it's pretty slick for sock-feet.

    I'm so happy you're enjoying teaching Zumba! What a great way to help people! Can't wait to try it when I visit in October!

    Hmmm.....is randomness hereditary? ;o)

  5. I think it's awesome that you teach Zumba. I've done Zumba a few times. I look crazy since I have no rhythm but it was still fun.


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