Name That ... Thing

If you've got little kids, you've probably heard of the Backyardigans (unless you institute a strict "one-hour-of-TV-a-week-and-it-has-to-be-a-documentary" policy - in which case, you're waaaaay out of place on my blog, yo). If you haven't heard of them, or they're not on your TV 24-7 and you need a refresher (lucky you) they look like this:

There seems to be a grand tradition of kids' shows having a few easily identifiable characters (i.e., Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck) and then at least one that makes you like, "What the eff is that, exactly?" (i.e., Goofy. I mean, the general consensus is that Goofy is a dog, but so is Pluto - which brings us to the question of why Pluto is so dog-like, running around on the ground and barking and stuff, and Goofy isn't).

Anyway, Backyardigans is the same way. Clearly we have Pablo the penguin, Tyrone the moose, Tasha the hippo. But then there's Uniqua the .... pink spotted .... overall-wearer, and Austin the ... um ... purple pointy-eared thing.

This morning the kids were pretending to be the Backyardigans, and Cameron was delegating characters. "Mommy, you be Tasha the hippo," he dictated. "I'll be Pablo the penguin. Colin is Tyrone the moose. And Coby will be Austin."

"So we've got a hippo, a penguin, and a moose," I said, "but does anybody know what Austin is?"

There was a brief silence as the boys hemmed and hawed, mulling the question over. But as y'all know, my boys are never silent for long.

"Maybe he's a moron!" Cameron piped up helpfully.

Maybe he is, Cameron. Maybe he is.


  1. I don't mind The Backyardigans. There is worse out there to suffer through.

    True story: I took the kids to see some of my old co-workers last Friday, and The Girl suddenly goes "TASHA!" At which point I realize this 50 year old woman has a Tasha Beanie Baby on her shelf.

    She has never married or had children.

  2. LOL!!!! Too funny! Emmi watches it, too, and we always question what those characters are...

  3. Jessica Armstrong LasaSeptember 9, 2011 at 9:48 AM

    HA HA HA! That is some funny stuff right there. I have spent some time thinking about this as well (because I have a life, you know) and I've come to the conclusion that Austin is a dog and Uniqua is an alien.

  4. Really? Has no noticed Austin's tail? He's clearly a purple kangaroo! Hahahaha! It's Uniqua that I really wonder about...

  5. Hubs and I wonder the same thing, although I have to say Backyardigans is his favorite show. LOL We figure that Austin is a kangaroo and no idea what Uniqua is. Oh and whoever made the rule of 1 hour of tv a week for kids, obviously never had any children or maybe one very well behaved child. With four kids 4 and under...well ya, you understand.

  6. Austin is a kangaroo, but I still don't know what the hell Uniqua is. She appears to be some kind of lizard, but the polka dots (which are on her skin AND her overalls, fancy!) kind of confuse the issue.

    Still my favorite kids' show though. Well, little kids' show. my all time favorite is Phineas and Ferb

  7. Nick Jr states that Uniqua is a unique creature ;)

  8. I have not heard of these backyardigans! But they look way better than barney!

  9. I concur that Austin is a kangaroo.

    But Uniqua, no clue. I just love that she has the accent. She's an unknown animal AND ethnic. What are they saying with THAT?

  10. I think he is a kangaroo - isn't he...or a wallaby type thing maybe??



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