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So ... I work at a gym now.

Although I am super beyond-the-moon stoked (OMG I work at a gym!!!!!!!!), this is just weird on so many levels. Number one, I never thought that my cupcake-loving behind would ever even set foot in a gym so regularly, let alone be employed to work out there. Number two, I have been a freelance writer for years now, which hasn't required anything except a computer and a telephone. I didn't even have to wear anything but pajamas. Not even my nicest pajamas.

But starting tomorrow, I will be the ZUMBA Instructor at FitnessXpress. I have a schedule (and if you're local and want it, email me!). I'll have a class: my very first time teaching all by myself. And y'all? I'm pretty nervous about it.

First of all, the new pants I bought - cute black pants with a hot-pink stripe down the sides - shrunk the first time I washed them. And now they don't even reach the tops of my shoes. So I'm going to have to find alternate pants because I don't want my new students to be all, "Yeah, the class was okay, but I kept getting distracted by that instructor's highwater pants." I'm highly disappointed because I had this perfect outfit all planned out, and now ... yeah. I'm essentially pants-less. Damn my tall-ish stature.

I'm also worried about messing something up during class. Other instructors have told me, "If you mess up, they'll never know. Just keep going." And that's great advice - except I have this ridiculous tendency to broadcast every flub rather than just covering it up. I can't help it; it's both involuntary and uncontrollable. "Oops" and "sorry" slip out of my mouth so fast I don't even know they're coming. So I'm freaking out that I'll be oops-ing my way through class and everybody will be able to tell I'm a total newbie.

I could go on and on about how utterly freaked out I am, for tons of different reasons (what if I have gas? What if I can't figure out the sound system? What if no one shows up? What if everyone hates me?). But I'm even more excited. I feel awesome. I went from a miserably depressed almost-300-pound couch-dweller to an actual employee at an actual gym. I get to meet lots of new people and introduce them to something I love. I get to work with a really wonderful team. And hopefully, I'll get to make a difference ... to extend a hand and help someone out of the black hole that I spent so long in. I can't wait.

... As long as I can get some pants that fit first.


  1. Rita that's awesome! I'm a long time reader but since I do all my blog reading from my feed reader I don't ever comment. I work at a YMCA in the daycare. Actually I can hear Zumba upstairs right now! Sounds fun, but I'm sad to say I've never been to a class!

  2. Just do like I do...make those pants CAPRIs!
    Haha, take THAT a-hole dryer.

  3. Congrats! It will go wonderfully, I know it!

  4. you will do great. be confident and feel proud !!!

  5. I'm excited for you and wish I could come to one of your classes! Use your quick wit to make the class laugh if you mess up! They will love you!

  6. You go with your bad self! That is really fantastic and I'm so happy for you! Way to get out there and just do it! You'll be amazing I'm sure, and everyone will love you.

  7. First time visitor.

    Congrats on the new job. Sounds fun.


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