Labor Lunacy (and a New Giveaway!)

Ten days from now (if not before since I am trying every. single. possible labor-inducing technique known to woman), I will officially be in charge of four - F-O-U-R - children. Labor is being induced on the 31st, and I'm getting a serious case of cold feet over here, y'all. I've heard that handling four kids is not much different than handling three, but still - if anybody could mess it up, it'd be me.

Anyway, because I'm busy obsessing planning for Corbin's impending arrival, any blog posts between now and then will be completely baby-centric and possibly full of crazy, ranty blathering. Since that's, you know, what the inside of my head sounds like lately. Kinda like this: babybabybabyeatbabybabybabysleepbabybabybabybathroombabybabybabycleanbabybabybabylaundrybabybabybabyohcrapIhavethreeotherkidsdon'tI.

So. To make up for the totally infant-centered tone of the blog of late, I'm having a SWEET customzied clothing giveaway from! Click on the "Giveaways and Reviews" tab at the top of this page to find out more ... and to enter, because it is a completely great deal and I for one am jealous that I can't just award the prize to myself.

Now it's time to stuff my face with fresh pineapple and douse my breakfast in hot sauce and bounce relentlessly on an exercise ball while tweaking my nipples and walk until I feel like I'm going to split in half and smear evening primrose oil caplets in places I can barely reach (y'all get my drift), in hopes that I'll go into labor on my own and won't have to do this for another ten days.

Wish me luck - and go check out that giveaway!


  1. Don't worry... 3 kids... 4 kids...10 kids... You can handle anything!! Here's to going into labor SOONER rather than later :)

  2. I agree, you're a super mom! I don't mind infant talk! I'm slightly jealous of you though. I want more kids but my hubby might be done at two. I am Heartbroken!! :(

  3. if it helps, I'm doing all of those things too!

  4. How dare you talk about babies when you are HAVING A BABY. lol!

  5. So, if you go into labor tonight, you go to the hospital smelling like pineapple and primrose oil? I guess it could be worse....
    Hoping you go soon - I know how miserable you are at this point. And besides, I'm ready to head for Iowa!

    And BTW, I love the clothes at!

  6. Good luck!!! Off to checkout the giveaway!

  7. I've been coming here for two years now, and I finally saw a nipple on your blog. It's about time.


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