Dumb Mom Moments

Sometimes we all need a parenting manual. 

I'm super-excited to be the featured guest poster over at parenting BY dummies today! Dumb Mom is one of my absolute favorite bloggers, and she asked me to write about a "Dumb Mom Moment." (Probably because she knows that those moments make up 90% of my parenting.)

So which moment did I pick, since there were approximately 2,999,012 to choose from? Was it the time I seriously failed at taking the kids to a parade? Or the time my son caught me in a lie? Or maybe when I accidentally taught Colin a dirty slang word?

Nope. I wrote about my personal favorite: the time I nearly got my kids drunk. And if you click here, you can run on over to Dumb Mom's and check it out (and stay to browse through her stuff, natch, 'cause she's awesome).

If you're coming here from pBd, thanks for stopping by! I suggest you click over to yesterday's post ... if you're not afraid of a few F-bombs. Shewww, ka-pow! (← those are my bomb noises. No wonder my boys never want me to play with them.)


  1. Loved your post on parenting BY dummies! What parent doesn't feel like a dummy sometimes? (Okay....a lot of the time.) Still laughing over yesterday's poem, too!

  2. checking it out, love reading your stuff always.


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