I Plead the Fifth (to Go Away!)

My children have never been accused of being "normal" ... but for the past couple of days, both Cameron and Coby have been as normal as they ever hope to be. Except for this.

Yep. A heinous-looking rash. All over their arms, a little bit on their legs, some on their chests and backs, and some on their cheeks. Whee!!

In case you're wondering, it's called fifth disease. Sometimes it starts out with mild flu-like symptoms, but in many cases there are zero symptoms until the rash appears - which was the case with my kids (thank goodness). Once the rash appears, they're no longer contagious ... but that's ironic because when the rash appears is exactly when they look like *insert demonic voice here* FESTERING HARBINGERS of DEATH!!!!!!

And that's the bad part. Unless I get T-shirts printed up that say, "Don't worry, they're not contagious, it's just a harmless rash," our lives pretty much have to be on hold. Because despite the fact that they are otherwise as normal as can be - no fevers, no runny noses, no itching, acting like their usual rambunctious selves - they look like they could infect anyone within a five-mile radius.

I didn't send Cameron to preschool this morning, because I didn't want any of the other parents to bristle with indignity that I sent my son to school with this horrible rash and are putting all the other kids at risk and OMG WTF BBQ! But seriously, he's fine as feathers. He just doesn't look that way.

Same with Coby ...

Okay, so maybe this isn't the best picture to illustrate "normal."

We've seen fifth disease around this joint before, and the rash has cleared up within a few days (knock on wood!). But sometimes it can hang around for weeks. Let's hope this time it goes away soon.

Because we've got stuff to do, and I'd rather not look like my kids are infecting the entire town in order to do it.

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  1. Ha! I would love to see the look on the parents faces at school! Sorry that you and the kids have to deal with this though!

  2. They do look pretty rough, but I'm so glad they don't feel bad! And I love the "normal" picture of Coby! LOL

  3. I have never heard of this before ... so crazy! My boys come home with some random things all the time. Hope it clears up soon! :o)

  4. your boys are too cute they even find a way to be adorable with a rash. I'm glad its nothing serious. I had something like that when I was younger but they called it the five day rash. Hope things get back to as normal as normal gets for you soon.

  5. We were on vacation when my daughter Broke out into a terrible rash. She was fine, but looked terrible. Everywhere we went, everyone stared and I know they were thinking what horrible parents we were for bringing a contagious child in public

  6. omfg!!!!! it looks like a pink cheetah pattern! that is JUST NUTS!!! very glad they are aok besides the rash, and i hope the rash goes away very soon!


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