Mama Got a Big Ol' Head

The other day I took Corbin to his two-month well baby checkup. At the doctor's office, they took the standard measurements: his weight, his length, and his head circumference. When the doctor came in, he was looking at the chart, and was all, "Corbin is in the 50th percentile for weight, 50th percentile for height, and ... oh ... his head is a little bit above average-sized."

Okay, so apparently my little dude has a big dome. I shouldn't have been surprised since even in utero it measured roughly the size of a basketball (I might be exaggerating just a little). But honestly, it doesn't look all that big to me. He may be a pumpkin-head, but it's not obvious. He isn't rockin' the "orange on a toothpick" look or anything.

So I said to the pediatrician, half-jokingly, "Should I be worried about his big head?"

"Not at all," the doctor replied. And then ... then ... he added:

"It's a family trait."

Seriously?? Did my son's doctor just imply that I have a big head??

Maybe that's why my hips and thighs have a tendency to grow so quickly ... they're trying to support the weight of my gigantic noggin. Perfectly plausible explanation, right?

*cricket, cricket*

... I said maybe that's why ...


Anyway, I'm blaming Curtis for our son's big head. The doctor could have been talking about him, right?

... RIGHT???



  1. No one ever said that doctors couldn't be uncouth. Geeze. Hahahaha. How are you doing? Feeling? Managing?

  2. Ya know, my two youngest daughters were both born with two buttholes. Which I thought was hilarious until I read it was hereditary and discovered I had an extra one as well. What I'm trying to say is that nobody really cared much about genetic abnormalities in the '70s and we all grew up just fine without having our flaws pointed out to us by some fancy doctor.

  3. better a big head as a family trait than big, huge, crazy fat thighs! a good haircut or hat is a lot easier than finding the right pants, trust me! Or bathing suit bottom to top ratio!

  4. Hahahahaha! This made me giggle so much! My father is a doctor and from his stories he says rude things like that to patients fairly regularly! I can't believe he said that to you! I love your good humour about it! I would have burst into tears!


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