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My house is such a mess right now that I can hardly even walk anywhere without stepping on something. And when I do step in a place where there isn't a toy/piece of paper/item of clothing, crumbs stick to my feet. Plus? My laundry looks like this:

And that doesn't even include the two loads in the dryer and the load yet to be washed.


So basically I'm just gonna leave y'all with a few quick weekend tidbits. First: there are only two days left to donate to the Alzheimer's Association and help reach our goal! We've got under a hundred dollars to go, so please, do whatever you can! If you haven't read the post about why you should donate, read it here. And then go donate here. Every dollar counts! If we reach the goal, I'll do a new cartoon or vlog or something. Your choice.

Secondly: I've got a new giveaway up right here (or just click on the "Giveaways & Reviews" tab up top). It'll make you less old-looking. Or at least less old-feeling. Either way, leave a comment! Your odds of winning are really super good right now!

And last but not least: when I left the gym the other night I went to unlock my van and it didn't work. I kept clicking the "unlock" button on the key fob and ... nothing. The lights would blink, but the door wouldn't open. WTF! So I yanked and yanked and yanked the crap out of the door, just out of frustration. And then I glanced into the interior of the van and realized ......

It wasn't even my van.

My van was parked behind the one I was so mercilessly trying to break into. So I did see the lights flash when I pushed the unlock button, but it was the reflection of my van's lights. Ha! There was a dude walking across the parking lot and he looked at me like I was doing something criminal. Which I guess technically I was ... but it was a total mistake.

Sheesh. What a dork.

Have a good weekend everybody!


  1. Well maybe you had too much of that Pot, Plant that Cameron put on his homework assignment - lol

  2. Ha about the van. I'd probably do something like that.

  3. I have totally done that with a car. Once, I actually got al the way in a Prius and it wouldn't start. It wasn't my car. I realized when I looked around and realized it was clean. And then I went to get something out of the glove compartment and it was all organized. Ha! I booked it. I was so embarrassed.

  4. I got in the wrong car once, then realized the interior was black leather and not white leather! Wish I could help you fold laundry - you know I like to do that!


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