Who Made it Monday?

I've been dressed for less than an hour. Grabbed these clothes straight out of the dryer, where I had stuffed like three fabric softener sheets in with them because I'd left them in the washer a little too long and they'd started to smell a little funky. Oh yeah, and then forgot to turn on the dryer when I finally put them in there last night. Oops. The dryer sheets helped with the smell ... kind of. (Hey, I might have a little musty odor no thanks to my washing machine, but at least it's not a stank of the gray hoody variety.) I couldn't be too choosy about my wardrobe anyway because I was trying to get four children and myself dressed sufficiently enough to shuttle the older two to school, and I was running like five minutes behind. Again.

It doesn't really matter how undesirable my choice of outfit was, though, because when I picked up the baby after feeding him his rice cereal, he chewed on my shoulder with his little cereal-y mouth. I laid him down on his play mat and noticed a booger on my sleeve. After removing the baby crust and the booger from my shirt, I sat down. Right on a piece of soggy Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Which like mashed onto my pants.

I probably would have changed pants anyway. Because I'm going to try to make it to Zumba class this morning while Cameron is at preschool, and when I sweat wearing these pants, I totally look like I peed myself. I have to go straight from the gym to the kids' school to pick Cameron up - no time to change - and somehow going with sweaty pitstains doesn't bother me, but going with a crotch stain the size of Texas feels a little embarrassing.

First though I'm going to take care of my hair, because I slept on it wet last night and it looks like it's trying to run away from my face.

While I'm doing all that, pop on over to my Giveaways & Reviews page and enter the latest giveaway. There are only six entries so far y'all, so your chances are phenomenal! I was going to choose a winner today but I'll extend it until tomorrow.

... Seeing as I have to change my clothes and all.


  1. Sounds promising! (especially the idea of "eye moisture") My eyelids often feel like sandpaper and I DON'T wear contacts.

  2. but that just sounds like typical mommy attire!

  3. Sigh. If I make it out of the house with only one bodily fluid on my clothes, I consider it a success.

  4. Yeah, I usually have snot or something on my clothes. Natalie likes to wipe her nose on me.


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