"High" School Work

Last night while I was making dinner, I sat the boys at the kitchen table to do their homework. Colin had some sentences to write, and Cameron's preschool work consisted of listing things he saw that started with the letter P.

"I see a pot!" Cameron said, pointing to the pan I was cooking macaroni in.

"Very good, Cameron!" I exclaimed. "Pot does start with P, so draw it there on your paper."

"But I can't draw."

"So then write the word," I suggested.

While he was busy writing P-O-T on his paper, Colin and I were shouting out more things around the kitchen that started with P. Pencil! Pepper! Potatoes! 

"Pie!" shouted Colin.

"There's no pie in this kitchen," I said. "But I wish."

"Plant!" said Cameron. "How do you spell that one?"

"P-L-A-N-T," I told him, and once again he bent over his paper, writing. Then he proclaimed his homework finished and ran off to play.

I figured he had been writing down all the stuff as we shouted it out, but when I picked up his homework a little later, this is all it said:


I do use a lot of herbs in my kitchen. But not "THE" herb. There are no illegal growing operations on my kitchen counter.*

*Those are in my basement, under a grow light. Duh.

Anyway, I'm thinking I ought to attach a little note to his teacher explaining the situation, just in case. I wouldn't want her calling Child Protective Services like, "Yes, one of my students reported seeing marijuana plants in his home." I'd have him add a few more words, but that would take away from the precious hilarity of the original document. And this one's going in his baby book.

Cameron: making me look like a questionable parent since 2008.


  1. No magic herbs in the house, eh? Sad.

  2. Cracking up over here. A good lesson to always check the homework before it goes back to school.

  3. Maybe a comma between the two words would help.....or not. LOL

  4. It took a second for me to register what you meant! Pot plant is a common term in Australia for plants that you grow in their pots (well fancy that!). I will never be able to say it again without thinking of it like this!


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