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This is me: Rita. 34 years old, which seemed ancient at one time. It's hard to know what to say about myself, except that I'm probably a lot like you. I have my quirks, but all in all I'm a pretty average chick.

I always wanted to be both a writer and a mother; a harrowing five-year struggle with infertility made me question whether I'd ever achieve the latter, but finally, I've managed to do both. I just wasn't aware it would be a dangerous recipe for frumpiness - which I battle (weakly) on a regular basis. That's why I'm writing this blog: because I know I'm not the only frump-fighting mama. It's dedicated to all my sisters who once took pride in their appearance, but who now feel accomplished simply by getting dressed - and to all those women who managed to avoid the frump (I hate you), but who get a good laugh out of "that" type of mom. If you want to know more about me, check out this post ... aptly titled "100 Things About Me." (I know. So creative.) Or this one, if a hundred facts weren't enough.

Without further ado, let's get on with the rest of the introductions.

This devastatingly handsome dude is my husband: Curtis.

Y'all? This man is awesome. He will stop the car to help a turtle cross the road just because he knows it will make me happy. He's seen me gain 100 pounds and give birth to children, endured my "bitch-for-absolutely-no-reason" days, and knows that my hair looks like a nest when I don't straighten it - and he still loves me. We've been a couple for over a decade - fifteen years, to be precise - which is a long damn time when you consider that it all started when I was seventeen. I'm not gonna lie: there are times when he aggravates the you-know-what outta me. But the boys and I would be utterly lost without him.

(Fall in love with Curtis in a couple of my favorite posts, here and here.)

Then there are our four gorgeous boys, who are simultaneously the lights of my life and the thorns in my side. First up, the oldest: Colin. He's nine.

This kid is something else. When he was two, he told me after a time-out that my punishment was "ludicrous" ... and ever since then, his crazy-smart brain never fails to amaze me. He loves computers, science, office supply stores, his brothers, annoying his brothers, and French onion soup. In that order.

(Find some of my favorite posts about Colin here and here.)

Then there's six-year-old Cameron.

He's boisterous. Exuberant. And all those other words that mean "bouncy and happy like a puppy all the time." Cameron loves his life and everyone in it. He proclaims nearly every day to be "the greatest day ever," especially when there's ice cream involved. He is also the child most likely to casually drop a cuss word into conversation. He's so effortlessly hilarious that you can't help but love him, cuss words aside.

(Check out some of Cameron's shenanigans here and here.)

Next up: Coby, our five-year-old.

He will melt your heart with his big, soulful brown eyes - and if that doesn't do it, his sweet personality will. The most easygoing of my kids, he is laid-back and helpful. Even though he has never lived anywhere but an urban area, I swear he was born a country boy: hunting, fishing, and anything outdoorsy are the things that appeal to him most. Oh, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. 

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Finally, our latest (and last!) addition: Corbin, born in June of 2012.

He is as cuddly as he looks. He wakes up with a big, beaming smile on his face, and when you pick him up, he pats you on the back. His big brothers adore him, and the feeling is adorably mutual - Corbin doesn't even mind when the older boys try to haul him around. He's just waiting for the day he gets old enough to roughhouse.

(Corbin hasn't done too much to blog about - YET - but you can find his birth story here.)

Oh yeah, and I guess since they're sleeping in my bed, the dogs are a part of the family too.

(Read about Josie here and Destiny, a.k.a. "Puggy," here.)

If you stop by, let me hear from you! I welcome any comments, questions, etc. (unless you're going to be an ass, in which case, direct it elsewhere). If you'd like to contact me privately, it's ritatempleton(at)gmail(dot)com.

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