Pee-ctures from the Past

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Now back to your regularly scheduled drivel post.

If you watched the anniversary slideshow in my last entry, you know that I included the following picture of my husband Curtis as an angelic-looking little boy. Just look at that sweet, innocent face. (And that lovely '70s carpet!)

Curtis had only watched a few seconds of the slideshow when the picture flashed across the screen. "Why'd you post that one?" he asked, sounding all offended.

"Because it's cute?" I said, shrugging. "And because you'd have killed me if I'd posted the one of you in the little pink nightgown." (Note to self: post picture of Curtis in little pink nightgown.)

"This one's no better!" He jabbed an accusing finger at the monitor. "Look at my crotch. It looks like I ... like I spilled my sippy cup or something."

I obliged, looking at where he pointed - and couldn't believe I hadn't noticed it before.

I couldn't contain my laughter. "You pissed yourself!" I blurted gleefully between guffaws. "I posted a picture of you in pissy overalls!"

"It's not pee!" he insisted. "I must have spilled something."

"Right in your crotch? Whatever. That is so pee." Because, y'all? I have three kids - two in diapers - and a puppy. I am more than familiar with urine.

To clear matters up, I re-posted the pic on my personal Facebook page (bwahahaha!) and asked for our friends' opinions. The overwhelming consensus was that, yes, I had actually posted a picture of my (future) husband's incontinence for the world to see.

Ahahahahahaha! I mean ... sorry about that, Honey.

"It's still an adorable picture," I said brightly, trying to reassure him. "Just look at you, on your little pink bike."

"It's not pink," he said through gritted teeth. "It's sun-faded red."

Yeah. And that's a sippy-cup spill on your overalls.

Whatever, dude.


  1. THAT is hilarious. If it makes him feel any better, I completely did NOT notice the pee pee pants during the slideshow. However, I DID notice it at the top of this post, I mean, being pointed out and all. But still, nothing to be traumatized about, "peeing your pants is the cooolest."

  2. i hadnt noticed it either. huh.

    and yes, i also think he peed on his pants and rode his pink bike :)

  3. That is totally pee! Otherwise, why would his parents have taken that picture? I know this because my parents had a picture of me looking down at my diapers which had somehow ended up around my ankles. The sole purpose of that picture was to embarrass me in later years by showing it to every friend that came by to visit. And yes, that is what my mother did, well into my college years. *sigh*

  4. Ahahahahaha...Men...

  5. LOL!

    Oh, sorry. I mean what a cutie.

  6. ROFL that is too friggen funny. "Spilt his sippy cup" hmmm yeah don't think so there buddy. LOL

  7. Isn't it in a sippy cup so it DOESN'T spill??? I'm just sayin'.

  8. That is totally pee. And totally freaking hilarious.

  9. LOL, ahhhh the torture the men who love us must go through because we are writers and put all our stuff out in public, lol

  10. It has to be pee, sippy cups didn't exist back then. Hahahaha

  11. LOL LOL LOL!!! which is more shameful to a [straight] man...someone posting a pic of him when he has peed himself, or someone posting a pic of him in pink nightie? TOUGH CALL!

  12. Only a guy would look right at his own crotch first thing, when looking at a pic.

    I think his sweet face is kinda lookin' like, "Oh-oh. I wonder if Mom'll notice. I'm for sure not gonna get the M&M now."

    I love it.

  13. I suspect that his shirt is ALSO pink. . . but, yah - he's a cutie! Which of your boys does this picture look most like?

  14. Oh that is great! Love chuckling at our manly men.

  15. OMG - that is HILARIOUS!!! I wouldn't have noticed it until he said something. See, he should have stayed quiet, but he brought it up and upon himself after that. HEHEHEHE

  16. A. This is hilarious
    B. I love that you have a tag for embarrassing pictures.

  17. LOL, I didn't notice either until you mentioned it. And with two sisters, a pink bike isn't so hard to imagine. I'd still hug him, pee and all!

  18. His-steer-ack-kull - but it looks like a sippy cup spill to me - looking at the bib of the overall. Poor Curtis... bwahhahahahaha!!

  19. That's hilarious!! I love his reaction haha!

  20. Lol, aww I love the post. Tell Curtis that it is what little kids do sometimes and there is nothing to be ashamed of--unless he still pees himself! Lol if it makes him feel better, I have no photos of me pissing myself but I remember peeing myself when I was 3 or 4. I remember waking up, walking to the bathroom, and not being able to hold it anylonger I flooded my pajamas. There, its what kids do. But the pos made me laugh uncontrollably


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