Oh, Police

My five-year-old son, like 99.9% of all the other five-year-old sons out there, adores emergency response personnel and vehicles. Show him anything with lights and a siren and he goes all bug-eyed and slack-jawed. But though he likes them all, he's particularly obsessed with law enforcement.

For Halloween, he dressed up as a police officer, and has worn his costume for at least an hour literally every day since we got the stupid thing. He has downloaded the COPS theme song (you know, "Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do ...") onto my phone, and insists that we play it - on continuous loop - on the drive to school each morning. (All I can say about that is thank effin' goodness it's too cool to ride with the windows down, because it was getting a little embarrassing.)  He has begged me to write "POLICE" on the side of every. single. toy car. he owns. Like this:

Sorry for the picture quality, but he took this one himself.

He follows me down the hall making siren sounds, in an attempt to "pull me over." He handcuffs everyone in the house who has two handcuff-able appendages, including the cats, the dog, and the baby. He watches YouTube videos of the most boring police-related stuff ever, like model police cars with flashing lights. Two days ago, when the Toys R' Us Christmas catalog came in the mail, he just about had a heart attack when he saw this:

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He insists that Santa will bring him the police car if he's a really really good boy (at a hefty $250, "Santa" is gonna have to stand out on the corner with a panhandler's cup. Or, you know, a pimp). He cut the picture out of the catalog and totes it with him wherever he goes. I think he even slept with it under his pillow last night.

I guess I'm not surprised at his police obsession. I mean, this picture - taken when he was probably around a year old - speaks volumes:

He used to haul ass to the TV every time he heard the theme song. Come to think of it, he still does.
I'm so used to all his law-related shenanigans that when he asked me to write "POLICE" on a huge Band-Aid the other day, I didn't even think twice. I figured he was making himself a little name tag or something. Turns out, he was trying to convert our Buick into a sweet police cruiser. 

Awww yeah. Now all we need are some sirens.

Citizen's arrest!


  1. Oh dear. good thing he's not our grandchild. bapa would be all over getting that police car for him. (yes, we bought butterscotch the 250 dollar horse for our granddaughter one year). Maybe you could work on the grandparents to help.

    He would look really cute in it. :)

  2. Don't ya love when they are all consumed with something? It will make Christmas shopping for him super easy. Good luck w/the donations. It will be hard NOT buying the one thing his little heart desires.

  3. That is so cute! And we know he is very passionate about his beliefs. It is so great he will go to any lengths to make sure police are EVERYWHERE in his world. :D

  4. He absolutly needs his own police car then he can pull over speeding tricycles. We got Kyle two cars when he was little. Drove the first one till it fell down. He was a little spoiled. There is also one in our garage the "jeep" He rode all over when they visited every year. Now Conner and Carly fight over who drives.Ask for donations . Put us down for 20.00.

  5. That is awesome! Make sure you don't get pulled over for impersonating an officer, though. :D

  6. Jonah asked for another one of those cars (he got a Jeep for his 2nd birthday which he rode to death). I told him he was too big and made up a maximum weight limit of 50lbs (he is 52lbs). He accepted this and has satisfied himself by nostalgically looking at pictures of him enjoying his Jeep as a toddler.

    Not that this has helped my cause. The child now covets the XBox 360 Kinect, which runs $299. I have no excuse for why Santa can't deliver this one. I pre-ordered it last week. *Sigh*

    I freaking LOVE COPS too! I even bought the box set DVDs one year. I guess I shouldn't say that too loud hey?

  8. That really is hilarious. To be obsessed so young... that really is great!

  9. That is absolutely hilarious! The bandaid takes the cake for sure. And good luck with that whole Santa situation...yikes!

    Now, I'm wondering. When will my son get obsessed with that instead of princesses?

  10. I can't remember when Colin wasn't obsessed with police stuff. Remember when he used to sit in the sheriff's car with his Uncle Chris and want the lights and siren on? I know it's an expensive toy, but think of it as something all three of the boys can play with.....if Colin will share. ;o)

  11. Ohh, that's just so sweet. I love it!

  12. I love your new Police Cruiser!! Your son has an amazing imagination!

  13. That's very funny - and cute! The boy across the street is OBSESSED with police. He dresses in a kids uniform whenever he's outside, hands out "tickets" to the neighbours, and can mimic the sound of a siren exactly. Slightly annoying? Yes. But at least he's found his passion in life.

  14. I have a 5 year old who is obessed with police also. The ONE time Ive been pulled over in his 5 years on this earth he was trying to convince the officer I was a bad guy and should be arrested post hast. He wanted to see the officers handcuffs. I didnt threaten to strangle my son until the oh so nice office was well out of ear shot.

  15. LOL why not buy a crown vic? then you can use duct tape to write POLICE on the side, add lights, sirens, and you got yourself an instant police car!


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