What a Mouthful!

Last night, my boys snuggled under their covers as I read them a bedtime story, hanging on every word ... or so I thought. Until Colin came out of left field with what can only be described as the most disarming question of the century.

"Mommy, are these testicles in my mouth?"


Come again?

"... Uh, testicles?" I repeated after some hesitation.

"Yes," he said. "These things under my tongue. These little balls. Are they testicles?"

For the record, he was talking about this:

I'm pretty sure "mouth testicles" is the scientific term. ... Or not.

Once the threat of hysterical laughter passed, I told him that no, that's definitely not what those are called.

... Because Lord only knows what would happen if he went to school talking about the testicles in his mouth.


  1. HAHAHAH Oh geeze!
    Funny the other day my Fiancee's 11 year old daughter said something about her "Muff." We both stopped dead in our tracks and looked at her, asked her what she said again. She said, "This is my Muff!" She pointed to a fuzzy blanket wrapped around her arm.

  2. LOL Only Colin would come up with that! It's amazing how his mind works!

  3. I think I love Collin! That kid cracks me up!

  4. oh wow. now that I have gotten back up off the floor from laughing, that was hilarous.

  5. Hahahaha!!! I love it. My daughter used to tell me that her brother tried to kick her in the penis. I had to explain several times that little girls don't have penises!


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