Gone Fishin' ...

Sometimes you get asked to do things that you're not really excited about doing. Like working overtime. Or wiping someone's butt. Or taking the dog outside because she's begging even though you just took her like an hour ago and you just painted your nails, damnit.

But sometimes ... some times ... you get asked to do something that you're actually glad to do.

And for me? That was doing a guest post at one of my favorite blogs - for Travis over at I Like to Fish:

I Like To Fish

So head on over to Travis's place, where I have written about why gourmet restaurants and ignorant country bumpkins don't mix. (And check out some of his stuff while you're over there, because this guy is hilarious, y'all.)

I Like to Fish ... and so should you.

PS - Tomorrow's blog post: the incredibly awkward phone conversation I just had with Colin's teacher!


  1. Been there, read that. Excellent as always. Can't wait for that phone call recap.

  2. Hilarious! I totally would have eaten that napkin...lol

  3. Nice! I am headed over. Always up to read another guy blog.

  4. Your guest post was cracking me up and i probably would have almost eaten the napkin too. :)

  5. In our part of the red-neck world, napkins come from a dispenser that's already on the table! LOL, I would have eaten it, too!

  6. That, is hilarious! I hope you got to capitalize on many other near mishap fancy dinners!!!


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