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I have never done the "Wordless Wednesday" thing - in fact, I don't even know who to credit the idea to - but I'm jumping on the bandwagon today. Usually people post a picture with just a few words, if any at all, explaining it.

Of course, you know I can't be wordless. I mean, I have to make fun of myself, because I know everyone else will be. Because I'm posting this ridiculous and incredibly embarrassing photo of yours truly circa 5th grade ... just to give you a laugh, y'all (or, like, scar your eyeballs for life).

So here you go. Without further ado ... I present to you Rita, somewhere around 1990.

Can you stand the awesome?

Believe it or not, I was never once teased (at least not to my face) for my huge gappy teeth or my self-cut bangs (!!) or my horrible perm or my (gulp) magenta overalls and teal shirt with some sort of Asian characters written on it. Those characters probably said something like "OMG this girl is SUCH a dork."

And because I was just that cool, the ring on my finger was turquoise. TO MATCH. THE SHIRT.

It's just a good thing my feet aren't pictured in this photo. Blue and white speckled LA Gear high tops, y'all.

I suffered from a condition back then. It's called the '90s. Thank goodness it wasn't permanent.


  1. I had forgotten all about LA Gear sneakers!

  2. Love it!! It caused a HUGE smile this morning, because I have similiar pictures, but MY MOM (so yes Home Perm!) permed my bangs too! OMG ~ not a good look, but I was sure that I was rocking COOL!

  3. I suffered from from the 90s, too. Sometimes I think I'm still recovering.

  4. photos in the 90's were so cruel! and the 80's. and the 70's! i am sure glad we all don't have to post our worst pictures, as i have some DOOZIES! :)

  5. Oh wow. Those overalls look like something a rodeo clown would wear. Glad you could pull off the look. I do not think I could have done it.

  6. I would say that we share the same mother, except that I was way older than you are in the pic back in 1990...love the suspenders. Shame they didn't stay in style.

  7. BWAHAHAH Thanks for that. I have some pretty awful photos too. Remember long v-neck sweaters with stirrup pants - OH YEAH baby - I rocked that for 7th AND 8th grade pictures. One year it was purple and the next year it was gold. I was hot. Lemme tell you!!!!

    Thanks for stopping by the new bloggy and showing comment love!!!

  8. Thats a great photo! You should see some of mine from my younger days - but don't hold your breath cos I'm never posting them! :-)

  9. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!!!! You have inspired me to post my HS photo for the next (not-so)wordless wednesday. :)

  10. That pic may not be in style now, but you were right on it back in the day! I have some absolutely awful Jr. High pics of me somewhere that I hope never see the light of day!


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