Me Love You Long Time

Eleven years ago today, I was standing at the altar - at the ripe old age of nineteen.
I was of age, I promise.

It was a gorgeous April day; the weather was perfect. The church was decorated with Easter lilies and smelled heavenly (which I guess is an appropriate way for a church to smell). I was wearing a dress that was made by my grandmother's hands, the product of hours of work, a labor of love. And most importantly, I was standing next to the man I wanted to be with forever. 

There are parts of my wedding that I'd definitely do over if I could re-plan. (I mean, my colors were pastel blue and yellow. Ick.) And the reception had zero entertainment. ZE-RO. And Curtis popped a huge mint Lifesaver into his mouth seconds before walking down the aisle, which clacked loudly in his teeth while he said his vows.

But it isn't the wedding that's important: it's the marriage. And I'm relieved to be able to say that, eleven years later, our marriage has been a lot better than our wedding. Sure, we've had our ups and downs (way way ups and way way downs, to be real) but we have managed to weather every storm that has been tossed in our direction. We're boring and get on each other's nerves sometimes, but when it comes down to it, Curtis is still the first person I want to talk to when something goes horribly wrong or joyfully right. I still get excited when I hear his car pull into the garage (and not just because that means he can get the kids out of my hair for a few minutes). Yeah, so I might've secretly videotaped him slipping out a huge fart and then posted it on my blog (which he has since made me remove or I would TOTALLY link to it), but I love him. Like, immeasurably. He truly is - wait for it - my best friend. *insert groan at totally-overused-but-true-in-this-case cliché

So here's one link I will post: an anniversary slideshow. I made it last year, for our tenth anniversary, but just replace the ten with an eleven and you're good to go - the sentiment is still the same.

Happy anniversary to the man who gave me a husband, a family, and some of the greatest blog fodder ever!



  1. Happy Anniversary! :) May the next 11 years be just as full of happiness and laughter.

  2. I also got married at age 19, and like you, our actual wedding left a lot to be desired. But our marriage has been phenomenal. I would rather have a great marriage than a great wedding.

  3. Gorgeous. And congrats!

  4. Even though I'm secretly jealous of your life, that youtube video made me cry. Good job on the video and your awesome life. Love you sis.

  5. Happy Anniversary you guys! I remember the slide show from last year, loved it. You really do look like you're 12 in that wedding picture. Amazing what 11 years does to us, no? Anyway....enjoy your day.

  6. Happy Anniversary!
    I hope we're just as happy 10 years down the road!

  7. Happy anniversary!!! You look beautiful. Young, but beautiful. I wish you and your hubby many more years together.
    James Bond and I were 22 and 21 (respectively) and I look back now and think how on earth were we allowed to get married? We were CHILDREN! Somehow we have managed to make it (read: not kill each other) for 16 years now.

  8. Yeah for anniversaries!! Yeah for couples who work thru the good & the bad & stay together!! Double yeh yeh for hubbies that come home home & take the kids outta our hair!!!
    Many more anniversaries to u & ur hubby!! Congrats!

  9. I will be 29 for us this June - and I know for a fact that there were plenty of bets that were lost because we made it this long, but I know how you feel, I am so glad I have had a marriage that has lasted and grown over time.

    Happy anniversary!

  10. Happy Anniversary beautiful lady!

  11. I've always been proud of the way you two communicate. You may have been young, but you were wise in many ways, and willing to work together to make a wonderful life.....and a beautiful family. I love you both!

  12. Happy Anniversary! And may you always be happy!

  13. Very nice! Congrats!


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  14. Congratulations! My anniversary was just last weekend but you've been married much longer than we have. :)

  15. Happy Anniversary :)

    My DH and I have also been married for 11 years, this May 27th.

    Enjoy your anniversary weekend, and Easter!

  16. Happy anniversary. At least you didn't have big glasses.



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