It's spring, y'all: my favorite season. It's like nature is waking up. People are suddenly in a better mood (or is it just me?). Everything is bright and beautiful, and my winter funk (I seriously think that's a condition) melts away with the last of the snow. But as much as I enjoy it, spring and I have kind of a love/hate relationship.

I love spring because ... the world slowly turns green again.
I hate spring because ... the world slooooowly turns green. Like, come on, leaves. Be leafy already.

I love spring because ... the weather is finally above freezing.
I hate spring because ... it's that crazy in-between time when it's cool in the mornings and warm in the afternoons, and I'm always slightly unsure what to dress my kids in so I don't look like "the mom who doesn't care enough to dress her kids properly for the season." Jackets? Long sleeved shirts? T-shirts? I'm constantly checking the weather forecast.

I love spring because ... my dudes can finally play outside.
I hate spring because ... my dudes produce about ten times more laundry, extra grass stains, muddy footprints, and weird things in pockets that I inevitably wash (two days ago it was a big snail shell, which shattered into all these glasslike pieces all over the dryer).

I love spring because ... morel mushrooms come up. If you've never eaten a deep-fried morel, you are totally missing out.
I hate spring because ... my husband obsesses over morel mushrooms. See, the thing is, they pop up suddenly - literally overnight - and EVERYBODY hunts for them. Before you know it ... no more morels. Curtis gets all antsy this time of year, like, stalking the woods that border our yard to check for people that might be infringing on "his" 'shroom hunting grounds. Even though they're not even technically our woods.

I love spring because ... I can finally put out some flowers.
I hate spring because ... I can totally overspend on some flowers. With a quickness.

I love spring because ... it's time to mow the yard again (if you didn't know, I love to mow. I'm weird like that.)
I hate spring because ... a huge yard full of dog poop that's been buried under the snow all winter long is NOT that fun to mow.

I love spring because ... spring sunshine does something wonderful for the soul. And I can't even think of a flipside to that.

Happy spring, everyone!


  1. I'm totally with you on the yard full of dog poop, the first couple of mows always look zigzaged for that very reason.

  2. Ha! I was just lamenting over the "I love that my kids can get outside and play (get some of the crazies out)" but holy crap "they sure make boatloads of laundry." and Why is the weather so bi-polar still. Sun, we just want sun ~ please God give us sun. It is better for all parties in this home if sun is around!

  3. I love spring too! But I'm with you on the non-committal weather. My kids are pretty much never dressed appropriately.

  4. I love mowing too! What I don't love is I'm allergic to every grass and every bloody thing that pops up in spring.

    Also the dog poop. I try my damndest to pick it through the snow but man...there's a crazy shit pile happening!

  5. I can totally relate to overspending on flowers! Some people buy shoes, some shop for the latest electronic devices, but I go straight to the garden center. There's no such thing as a yard that's "too pretty!" ;o)


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