Give it a Shot


So I have a confession ...

I still haven't gotten a flu shot.

Neither have two of my three kids.

And it's, like, January now.

Curtis had his flu shot at work. Colin had his at school. As for Cameron, Coby and myself ... it's up to me to haul us to Walgreens or CVS or somewhere else and get it over with. Our insurance will cover it. I don't even have to make an appointment. It's convenient. Quick. Easy. Right??

Except ... *whisper* I'm afraid of shots.

I know. I know. "Rita," you say, "you're [censored] years old. You've given birth. There's no reason to be afraid of an itty-bitty flu shot."

I don't even know why I'm afraid. I can give blood without batting an eye. Why, back in my infertile days, I not only had regular blood draws to check my hormone levels, but I also took a drug called Gonal-F which was injected into my abdomen. But when it comes to getting a shot in the arm? Color me chicken. Which is like ... white. And dimply. And entirely unappealing.

The thing is, since I'm pregnant, it's important for me to have one this season. And it's important for my little ones, too. But that means I have to be brave, and act like it doesn't bother me, when really all I'm gonna want to do is bolt from the chair and run without looking back. How can I be all, "It's not that bad, just be a big boy and get your shot now," when I myself want to pass out at the mere thought of a needle sinking into the tender flesh of my arm? I've had shots before, of course, but I don't even remember what they feel like. It's like childbirth: you don't completely remember how bad it hurts until you're in that situation again and you're like, "Oh, crap, my va-jay-jay is about to be annihilated."

I don't usually get nervous about lying to my kids. Like, "Santa Claus won't come to a house with toys all over the floor," and "Sugar after 6 pm will give you nightmares." I can say those things freely and without fear of being found out. But I can't tell them that shots are nothing to be afraid of, when I'm totally skeeved out, because I'm positive they would detect otherwise. I'm not sure I can stand there and watch them both get their shots, knowing full well I'm next. Eeesh. But if I go first, I have to act brave - and what if I fail and freak the eff out and then that leads to them being totally scared?

I need to just put on my big-girl panties and deal, y'know? It can't be that bad, right, just a little poke?

I hope they at least give me a cool Band-Aid.


  1. Bah...I hate shots, too. It's a requirement at work, though, so I get it.

  2. i can recall being told by my father that i was NOT allowed to cry while getting my shots.....therefore i let my kids scream bloody murder. i am usually fine after but before i hate the waiting waiting waiting part

  3. shots totally don't bother me, but giving blood creeps me out. Just. needles going in the vein, you know? Ew. That said, I also haven't gotten a flu shot this year (in the same pregnant situation as you) primarily because... um, I don't know. Before I'd always get one when my kids' did, but now their pediatrician doesn't offer that service (our old pediatrician was part of a larger practice that saw adults too) so I'm on my own. I thought my OB might have them available, but they haven't so I guess I'm just going without because I'm too lazy to go to Walgreens or CVS or whatever. hell, I could do it at the grocery store pharmacy! But that would involve TALKING to a stranger, and asking for something, which I'm kind of scared to do to, so, yeah. probably not going to happen.

    At least the kids got theirs - and their new pediatrician has the flu mist they just breathe up their nose. Maybe you could ask for that?

  4. well, I can understand the fear, after all, it was just a "little poke" that got you in the condition you are in now... oh, wait, that is different but still....

    lol, I didn't start getting flu shots until just a couple years ago, but they sure do help.


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