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So my sister invited me to join Pinterest.

I'm not sure if I'm ... Pinterested.

I mean, I joined. I clicked on the link and I joined. I drank that Kool-Aid. But I pretty much just made up my username and then stopped, because I was afraid to get sucked into the vortex. That's all I ever hear: Pinterest is addictive and a time-sucker and ohmygod once you get on there you simply cannot. Stop. Pinning.

It's not like I need another thing to waste my time on. I mean, I have a smartphone. With games and texting. I have the Internet in general, where I go to look up a recipe or find out what day is bulk trash pickup in my city, and end up accidentally reading about Josie Maran and how she's expecting her second baby and who is she and why does she look familiar? and oh yeaaaah it's because she used to date David Blaine and mmmmm, David Blaiiiiine and oh my gosh, is her first baby David Blaine's because mmmmm, David Blaine and no, apparently the kid is someone else's which is a shame because I would totally have a baby with David Blaine, and speaking of, didn't his mom die at a young age? and I'll ask Google and, "Google, did David Blaine's mother die?"

Helloooooo tall dark and nail-studded!


And that's not even counting Facebook, y'all. Or blog-hopping. Or the Ideabooks I spend hours putting together on Houzz.

It's a good thing my kids have that robotic nanny - I like to call her "TV."

(Just kidding. Pretty much.)

Anyway, the thing is - after I signed up for Pinterest? I kept getting these emails: "Bertha Jones is following you on Pinterest" ... "Minnie Mouse is following you on Pinterest" ... "Your sixth-grade teacher is following you on Pinterest" ... "Everybody and their dog is following you on Pinterest."

Seriously - I got, like, twenty "follower" emails. And so then I felt all weirded out. Like I was supposed to do something now, since I had all these followers, even though I'm not even sure what it's all about because I haven't taken the time to explore it.

I haven't been back since. I'm afraid I'll figure it out, and be all, "Pintereeessssst" ... and drooling and glazy-eyed and unable to complete my already-mediocre mothering tasks.

Besides, I have a lot of more important stuff to do. Like check my email and then get sidetracked by pressing matters such as news articles that lead to other news articles that lead to totally unrelated things that, while I'm reading about them, lead to Cameron sneaking into the bathroom to make a "swimming pool" in his Lego bucket.

So if you're following me on Pinterest? I hope you're not holding your breath.


  1. LOL!!! I know exactly what you mean!! I finally joined and yes, have even pinned a few things... But honestly? It hasn't peaked my "pinterest" that much... Maybe if I play with it more, but I already hate how much time I spend on fb, I DON'T need another time-sucker!

  2. I'm not pinterested either. I didn't sign up, but I went there and said, nahhh. Like you, I already get side-tracked on the WWW enough! I don't need another black hole to fall into!!!

  3. LOL, I know exactly what you mean! I finally got on there and even pinned a few things, but it just didn't really peak my "pinterest." Maybe if I played around with it more, but I already hate how much time I spend on fb, I don't need another time-sucker!!

  4. I just joined too, and like every social site, I am initially frightened and intimidated. Plus I signed up with fb and apparently I am automatically following a shit ton of people. Anyway, I hear you about the Internet time suckage. I feel like my brain might acutally melt some days. Oh, how I am looking forward to summer when it is easier to keep my computer OFF because I am outside.

  5. Holy crap! Did I write this!?
    Did. The. Same. Thing.

  6. I joined too because all of the girls at work were raving. I found some neighbor treats to make for Christmas, but haven't logged on since. So much for it sucking my brain out :)

  7. Hai! I'm one of those people who is completely and totally cracked the eff out on Pinterest. Pin, pinney, pin, pin! Loves it!

    Here's the thing. When I log in, I see all the most recent things the people I follow have pinned. I sometimes search for something specific (like a recipe or craft idea) on Pinterest. But I very rarely, like pretty much never, click on the individual people I follow and only look at their boards. So I never really know how many pins my friends have, or what their boards are, or anything really.

  8. I am trying to follow it - sorta, still can't figure it all out. The one very useful thing I have found with it (and I realized it because I joined shortly before Christmas) is that you can go to someone's board if you are trying to buy a birthday/christmas/baby/whatever gift for them. The ideas are right there in front of you, of knowing what they like... like, if I could buy David Blaine for you I could, wait, that doesn't work, but you know what I mean.


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