I Can't "C" Clearly

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I've done the childbirth thing three times. I think I'm having this guy deliver the new one.

I didn't mean to get so "cutesy" with my kids' names. The all-C thing, I mean: Colin, Cameron, Coby. In fact, that always kind of annoyed me when parents did that crap.

It's just that we really liked the name Colin, and then when our second son was born we liked the name Cameron, and we were like, "Aww, all our boys have C names like Daddy." So then when Coby came along, we could hardly deviate from the C theme. That was okay, though, because we wanted to name him in tribute to Curtis's late father (whose name was Clarence, but he always went by "Cob"). Hence another C-monikered boy.

It all just sorta happened. "C" what I mean?


Anyway, now that I'm expecting my fourth (and absolute LAST for real even if I have to perform an at-home vasectomy while Curtis sleeps which I will TOTALLY do, I mean there's got to be a decent tutorial on the Internet somewhere), there's the issue of names. If it's a girl, she's covered; we've had the name Carly picked out since like 1998. But if it's a boy, well ... we might just end up calling him, "Hey you, #4." Because I cannot find a single other boy's name starting with a C that I like.

No offense if you have a Colton, a Caleb, a Chase, a Carter, etc. ... those names are all fine. But since Colin has been in school, it's clear to me just how popular some of those are. And as much as I have always disliked my own name, I've at least been able to appreciate the fact that I'm typically the only Rita in the crowd. We've already run across more Camerons than I thought we would, and the occasional Collin-with-two-Ls, but so far no other Cobys.

Plus, none of the boys' C-names speak to me. You know how you pick the right name, and you just know that this is your baby's name? Yeah. Not happening. And yes, I realize that Carl is the logical choice   since it's like the male version of Carly (which is our chosen girl's name in case you're skimming and missed that snippet), but I don't like it. I have no idea why.

Yesterday I was browsing an extensive list of names, and after deciding I was not gonna name my kid Cato or Cephus or Celerino or Chill, I lingered upon one name that kinda-sorta stuck out to me: Calix. I mean, it was okay - probably the best contender so far. But when I ran it by Curtis, he was all, "No way. It sounds like cow-lick." So that was the end of that.

Anyway, I don't know what to do. (I'm wondering how Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have managed to come up with like 20 suitable J names, while I can't even conjure up four Cs.) I don't really want to break the trend, "C-ing" as I've got three C boys already. And I'm pretty sure this baby is a boy because I'm almost positive that Curtis and I are incapable of producing girls. (I like to theorize it's because I'm just tooooo womanly, and my body couldn't handle that much femininity all in one space. That's legit, right?)

We find out on the 26th of this month whether this is a Carly or a ... Cephus. Cecil. Cedrick. Cornwallis. Crispin.

... Ugh.


  1. What about Callum? Carl? Cayden? Claude?

  2. I you on this. DH is Joseph, I am Joyce our son is James...see the theme. No J names are speaking to us right now for this baby. I'm sure we could pilfer a J name from the Duggars or something....

    Have you considered "Clark"? I acutually thinking of naming this baby Clark. For now we call him Awesome. :)

    Good luck with the names.

  3. Clayton

  4. I like the suggestions above.
    Clark (as in the Vacation movies)
    and Carl (from The Walking Dead)
    Or how about Christmas and call him Chris?

  5. I read and this and thought, "Wow, I don't know any good 'c' names." Then I remembered that my nephew is named Camden.

    Good luck!

  6. (I have a Caleb.) How about just Cal?

  7. How about Chavis. Sounds like Travis but with a cha sound.

  8. I like Cayden, Cadence, Cal, Cale, Christopher, Calvin. Try going to an obscure baby name site.

  9. Alas the "oh crap we have to come up with another (insert letter here) name" dilema strikes again. Coming up with names is one thing, coming to a mutual agreement on a name is another.
    We have six. Our first we named Keaton simply becuase we could not agree with what the other wanted. Hubs wanted Kinson, I didn't want my son to be called Kin. I wanted London (This was waaayyyy before The Suite Life of Zach and Cody was even an on paper proposal) but hubs HATED it. So Keaton is was.
    Then #2 comes along, we find out it's a girl and my mother and I (hee hee) picked the name Keeci Marie after my grandmothers. Three years later #3 comes along, find out she is a she, I want Claire but hubs wants Kloie. We argue and debate for days on end and one day hubs decides it has to be Kloie or she will fell left out because her name starts with a "C" and not a "K". Thank goodness we were done...
    opps #4 ended up Kannyn (taken from Cannon)
    uh oh #5 is Koen (taken from Cohen)
    wow #6 is Karver (taken from Carver)

    And there you have it my three suggestions...

    Good Luck and happy naming :)

  10. Cole, Cendyn, Camber

  11. Coy...I love that name for a boy. But also like Charlie or Court.

  12. That's tough. Boy #2 is on his way for us and I'm not even limited to a specific letter but I can't find a name I like. It's hard naming a human! What about Cooper, Cory, Cary, Charlie? I also like Cort/Court/Courtland as another commenter suggested. It's original yet reminds me of something of something.

  13. Calvin, Casper, Charles, Clement, Clive, Conor.

  14. Jessica Armstrong LasaJanuary 6, 2012 at 12:12 PM

    I like Connor.

  15. Personally prefer Calvin or Clement, yes.

  16. Jessica Armstrong LasaJanuary 6, 2012 at 12:58 PM

    I also like Caden.

  17. LOVE Charlie. I mean, how can you not love a little boy named Charlie?

  18. I have a Cort so I hear you on the c-sound (we like them too).
    Happy name hunting!

  19. We (unintentionally, I swear) named both our boys after counties in Texas. Most counties are named after someone (or a location, but ignore those.) Try googling a list of counties in your state. Or other states. When I was pregnant with my second, Mason, I saw a quote on the wall at a Chikfila by someone with the last name Truitt. Mason was very close to being named Truitt. And my first son, Sutton? Well, remember when Brittney Spears was pregnant with her second and the media SWORE she was going to name him Sutton Pierce Federline? I thought Sutton was the most amazing name ever. B went with Jayden James, of course. But that just means that no one knows I stole my kid's name from Brittney Spears. Thank heavens. It will come to y'all and then you'll wonder why you ever worried about the perfect name! Of course, I'm rooting for a Carly for y'all

  20. Jessica Armstrong LasaJanuary 7, 2012 at 6:39 PM


  21. Cade- it is a good solid name and it isn't weird.

  22. Well, I throw my C names at you, but maybe you could consider giving this one an R name so you wouldn't be the only R in the family. Just a thought. Our second son was supposed to be named Clark (so I agree with some from above.) But here are a few more to spur some thought.

    Copernicus (Just kidding...)
    Cillian (pronounced with a K)

    This is all I've got. You'll find something you both love. It'll probably happen one day when you're watching Nickelodeon, or something. Good luck!

  23. Hahah that is a tough situation!!!! C is definitely harder than j - there are a bajillion J names. What if you went with the same letter as your first name? R? Reginald? Okay, something better than that...

  24. I want to be a professional baby namer. I love talking baby names.

    So, my mom had a C theme with us and then petered out after 2 kids. We are Clair, Clint &... Matthew. =D

    I have to submit Clint because it's my brother's name. And it's also a badass and uncommon name. On my dad's side I have a little brother named Cayle, which I also think is a good C name for a boy.

    I personally adore the name Charlie. I know it's not a hard C, but it's so cute and classic. I would have issues not affecting a British accent a'la Charlie & Lola, but that just sort of adds to its charm, no?

    I also always liked the name Conrad. I'm a fan of traditional, but lesser used names.

  25. I've always like the name Corbin. But that's all I got.

    And when it comes to the Duggars? They certainly came up with some doozies... Jinger? Jessa? Joy-Anna? Boo!!

  26. Morgan dated a kid in high school named Chaysen and I really liked it. Different, haven't heard of another one that I know of. Believe me, I understand your feelings.... it took Morgan until 40 weeks to settle on Tannis' name, they had a ton of boys names but no girls.

  27. Look at the names in the Sunday London Times birth announcements, the British always have the best names!

  28. Here is a name I don't see listed yet. He was in my boys class last year.

  29. You could try Cogels.


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