You Must Be "Exhausted"

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So I've just heard about the umpteenth celebrity being hospitalized (and/or institutionalized) for "exhaustion."


I know celebs don't exactly have it easy, being in the public eye and whatnot. I mean, it does have to be somewhat crappy making sure you look good all the time, lest someone write that you look fat/drunk/old.

Side note: have you ever noticed that when someone calls a celebrity fat they're all, "Kiss my fat ass!" (ahem, Tyra) and lash back at the media for being so superficial and do interviews like, "I'm comfortable with my body," but the next thing you know they've done some miracle diet and dropped all these pounds "to be healthier?" Yeah. Christina Aguilera will be next: mark my words.


I have some difficulty mustering up any real sympathy for these people. I mean, seriously? They're exhausted from what, exactly - too many nights clubbing it up in the VIP section? Too many late dinners at fancy restaurants with friends? Too many awards shows, lugging around all those heavy swag bags? Too much shopping, or possibly jet lag from all those grueling private (or at least first-class) flights? I know ... it must be tiring trying to decide which car to drive today. Or attempting to remember whether the spa appointment is at two or four.

I'm not saying their lives are all peaches and cream but c'mon. Exhaustion?? They have nannies. They have maids. Hell, they have the financial resources to hire someone to do practically everything for them if they're so tired. Too "exhausted" to wipe your own butt? There's an employee for that.

It's not like they worked a double shift, or haven't have a day off in three months, or have to keep a second (or a third!) job to make ends meet. It's not like they just got home at the end of a long, craptastic day and still have to make dinner, supervise homework, bath, bedtime, and laundry, and takeout just isn't in the budget this week. It's not like they lay awake on scratchy Kmart sheets, irritated because their rough un-pedicured heels are snagging, worrying about what bills can be put off so others can be paid. Or that their kid's struggling in public school and would do so much better in a smaller class but damn, I can't afford private school. No, they don't have to worry about any of that at all, let alone deal with it for an extended amount of time. Months. Years. And, y'all? I'm just talking about the brand of exhaustion that we experience here in the comfy, cushy United States of Suburbia. I'm not even touching the exhaustion that undoubtedly comes from walking for miles just to get water, or living life as a refugee.

So, like, how exhausted can these pampered celebs possibly be? I know "exhaustion" is usually a euphemism for "anorexia" or "drug abuse" or "something else that would tarnish the rep" ... but calling it that is an affront to those people who truly are exhausted. That's like staying in a hotel and calling it homeless. You wanna see homeless? Go sleep in an alleyway somewhere.

I guess they're entitled to a crappy run of luck, and to deal with it in whatever way their resources allow. But to label it exhaustion? I call B.S.! At least own up to whatever it is that's making you so "exhausted!"



  1. Amen! Demi Moore needs to put on 20 lbs and just admit she stopped eating when Ashton let the siren call of a younger woman woo him.

  2. Jessica Armstrong LasaJanuary 30, 2012 at 9:41 AM

    Ya, kind of a slap in the face to real people.

  3. I agree. I actually feel great sympathy for Demi Moore in one aspect... all her fame, money and looks couldn't secure her the one thing she probably wants most ... faithful love. That is something I can relate to as a woman, I can understand, I can see why she would be so devastated and if she simply said that, I would be so much more feeling for her. But, but assigning it the title of "exhaustion" - it makes her seem (to me) that she is better than any other woman that has had her heart broken (and her husband's sexual exploits humiliate her). She isn't. she is no better than the woman in the McDonald's hiding the tears struggling to get the kids an after school snack, manage to have gas money, run between activities and try to still work... when no one is going to cut her a break or even give her time off because her man has done her wrong. By hiding behind exhaustion she simply cuts herself off from the rest of us common folk who have to deal with our heartbreak and simply don't have time for exhaustion, even we can no longer walk another step.

  4. I loved this post. Thank you for saying what I was thinking.

  5. I SO agree! The majority of us just have to keep putting one foot in front of the other because there aren't any options. At least celebs could admit to the same problems we all face. It would actually make them more admired in the long run.

  6. Tracy, that was a beautiful post :)


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