The Most Un-Motivational Post Ever

I hardly ever publish a blog post on a Sunday. Why? Because posting on a Sunday is the equivalent of, like, throwing a ball into the Grand Canyon and expecting someone to catch it. Or placing a call from a disconnected phone. Or moving into a ghost town and expecting some neighbors to drop by with a casserole.

I don't know what you people do on Sundays, but whatever it is, I'm jealous of your full and active lifestyles. Are you at church functions all day? Shopping? Hosting or attending lavish get-togethers? You're obviously out doing something fun, because I feel like I'm the only one in the blogosphere.

I wish I were in bed still, but y'all know that isn't gonna fly. So here I am. I'm probably the only one slumped in front of her computer, braless and wearing mismatched pajamas, ponytail-ed and glasses-ed and un-made-up, trying to pretend my kids aren't keeping themselves busy trashing the house with their various "games" which may or may not be helped along by the fact that I allowed them to eat cake for breakfast. What?? It has a can of mandarin oranges and a can of crushed pineapple in it, and sliced bananas on top, so that totally qualifies as a healthy meal.*

*If you don't count the butter, powdered sugar and whipped cream. But there are eggs in it too so, hey, protein!

Sometimes I like a day off, damn it.

Only it's never really a day off because it's not like the kids will stop needing things, and the laundry won't miraculously stop multiplying and start doing itself. And no matter how hard I try NOT to see it, I can't help but notice that my boys are like leaving trails. Of paper. And crayons. And toys. And books. And crumbs. And ... that. OMG, what is that???

What I should be doing is using this "downtime" to clean my house and get it all nice and fresh for the upcoming week. And the stuff I don't have time to do during the week, like painting my nails and shaving my legs and filing the hard edges off my feet. And probably conducting some sort of vocabulary lesson, since yesterday, in response to an inquiry of "How are you?" Cameron answered with, "I'm testically strong."


But I'm here. On the blog. Probably talking to myself.

At least I don't have to worry about my breath that way ...


  1. LOL, your Sunday morning sounds as exciting as mine! So here I am, too, after being up half the night with this darn sinus infection. The fridge looks like burglars have been there, and I'm dreading trying to make myself presentable enough to go to the store. Wish you were here so we could just hang out in our jammies all day!

  2. hey, you need to remember (or watch, if you haven't seen it) Bill Cosby's HIMSELF concert... "Dad is great, fed us the chocolate cake" because, after all cake has "flour, and eggs, and milk..."

    And you aren't the only one up and on here, and who will probably not do the needed laundry, cooking or cleaning today... (little secret, Morgan and gang are moving in with us for six months and so I am taking advantage of EVERY SINGLE MOMENT as an empty nester right now).

  3. I'm here too on a Sunday! and I TOTALLY feel ya on the down time. A few weeks back I Made a rule that I will NOT do house work on Sundays but actually take some time to so what I want to do hence why I am wandering the internet while is sit with dirty laundry and messy counter tops.

  4. I hear ya. I try not to post on Sat. or Sundays either because, you're right....NO ONE seems to be around. Your morning sounds like many of mine. Especially the just trying to ignore what my kids are doing to destroy the place part. Though, I will say your kids do seem to have a little corner on the market for super destruction. hahahaha Anywho, hope you have a spectacular week.


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