It's All Fun and Games ...

You know what they say: it's all fun and games until someone puts an eye out. And that's exactly what my husband came thisclose to doing while playing with our boys.

See, they've got this game they call "Horse Scare." (WTF?) Curtis gets on his hands and knees, Colin rides on his back, cowboy-style, and they turn off all the lights and run around scaring Cameron until they're all shrieking with laughter.

So this evening they were playing Horse Scare in our bedroom. I was sitting in the living room, thanking the Lord for a few minutes of solitude holding the baby, when I heard Curtis say, "Wait a minute, wait a minute," in an urgent tone. This was followed seconds later by a shrill "I'll get you a Band-Aid!" from Colin, and a strained-sounding reply: "Just go ask Mommy for a paper towel."

I heaved my ass up out' the chair at that point, because though nobody had called me, I knew I was needed. Grabbing a paper towel, I ventured toward the back of the house. Curtis was in our bathroom, bent over the sink - which was full of blood. I mean, it looked like somebody had slaughtered a chicken or something (sans feathers, natch). And the blood was dripping steadily from somewhere on Curtis's face, but I couldn't tell where. I thought he'd broken his nose or something.

"I'm not going to pass out," he said, and I'm pretty sure he was only saying that to convince himself. Because if there was blood pouring from my face, y'all, you best believe I'm gonna be laid out cold on the floor somewhere missing the whole show.

When he straightened up, I could see that the gory mess had come from a nasty gash just above his eye. I would have bet money that it needed stitches or at least one of those butterfly-closure thingies - he pulled on his eyebrow and I could, like, see way down inside there - but it's sooo important to be manly about these things that he just insisted on a Band-Aid.

Apparently he had been "horse-scaring" and had tried to turn around in the dark, unaware that this was in his immediate path:
Yep, he busted that sucker right on the doorknob. Or some part of the fixture, anyway.

Here's the damage. I took this picture with my camera phone, and it doesn't even remotely do it justice, but you get the idea:

It looks small and harmless, but if you could see how disgustingly deep it is ... ugh. I still shudder to think. And Colin was beside himself, tears streaming down his face, crying, "My precious Daddy!" (If it had been me, he'd have probably been all, "Here's a Band-Aid, Mommy. Will you fix me some chocolate milk?")  

In true macho fashion, Curtis was up and running again within minutes after the bleeding stopped. Like nothing had ever happened. He only had one lament about the whole fiasco.

"I'm going to have a scar on my face," he said. "My perfect face."

Glad to see his ego wasn't bruised along with his eye. ;)   


  1. That does look deep. How cute that he was crying for his "precious daddy".

  2. Guys!!! I'm a mother of 3 boys too only mine are 26, 24 and 17.
    Fart jokes, smells in general and noise these are the things you can always count on.
    Horse scare with the lights out??? WTF!!
    Passing out at the sight of blood is a luxury you do not have when mother of sons. Trust me!

  3. Oh my gosh! I'm sure glad it wasn't actually in his eye! This is probably only the first of such disasters with a house full of boys.....SIGH! Anyway, scars don't seem to damage a guy's looks!

  4. Oh my goodness. I think I would have freaked out if I had walked in on a sink full of blood. I'm impressed he could continue to play after the bleeding stopped. If that had been me I would have been bed-ridden for a week. :)

  5. I had a friend in the Army who got hit on the side of the face and was bleeding. I took him to the hospital and while we were waiting he said, "Man, I hope this isn't going to ruin my natural good looks." I started laughing. He had to have been joking.
    He knocked my off my chair. He was serious!
    I mean, talk about falling out of an ugly tree; he hit every branch on the way down.
    I'm lucky they called him in right then. He was still mad.
    He calmed down by the time they finished with him and he was told there would be no scar. He still gave me a dirty look though.

  6. At least he would have still asked for your (tastes like beetles) chocolate milk! LOL

  7. faces bleed horribly, but I am with you, if it would have been me with my kids, they wouldn't have given me a second glance

  8. That IS scary! Thank God it wasn't one of the little ones - and that it wasn't serious after all. Sheeeeeesh! Scary!

  9. Faces do bleed easily...but my perfect face was the icing on the cake. Guess there are no self esteem problems! That is the good news.

  10. That looks like something I did to my brother once, when we were kids, and it too was from the door knob thingy. I did it on purpose (to scare him, I was a kid and didn't think that it could hit him in the eye...just the nose) and I got in biiiiigg trouble. I feel guilty to this day :(

  11. So glad it wasn't worse! And of course they don't learn their lessons!

  12. Yikes - head wounds do bleed a lot! You can tell by that pic that it was pretty deep by how dark the cut is - whooo - looks like it hurts A LOT!

  13. the "my precious daddy" comment made me laugh out please fix me some chocolate milk. LOL.

  14. lol He really said "My perfect face?" buah ha ha. Oh, gawd. You have a husband like mine! Poor thing. ;)

  15. Faces always bleed with great gusto - sometimes the injury seems tiny once you clear away the blood. You're never sure what you're going to find! That one looks pretty nasty though.

    And it looks pretty swollen as well, and so close to the eye! Ouch! Glad it wasn't any worse - especially since it's deep.


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