Wrinkles R Us

This is a picture of me, ironing in a hotel room on a trip to L.A. ... in March of 2007.


That was the last time I ironed.

Yes, it has seriously been that long.

I don't really iron all that often.

It's because Curtis is really picky about the way his stuff is ironed - so I figure he can just do it himself! Besides, he spent six years in the Air Force and was meticulous about ironing his shirts every single day. He's used to it.

(Oh yeah, and partially because I tend to scorch stuff.)

I avoid ironing at all costs. I know the tricks: tossing a wrinkled shirt in the dryer for a few minutes, hanging a dress over the shower curtain in a hot, steamy bathroom. Or - and this is my least favorite - just get your crap out' the dryer before it has a chance to wrinkle in the first place. (Which I usually fail to do.)

Sometimes I wonder if my stuff's, like, super-wrinkled and I don't even notice. Like, I'm so used to the wrinkles and they're so low on my priority list that I'm just blind to them, and I walk around and people are all muttering to themselves, "OMG. Did she sleep in a suitcase?" And then after that they're like, "No, that big ass wouldn't fit in a suitcase. She must just be superlazy about ironing."

... Or not. Whatever. 

Anyway, I still have the same $10 iron I bought to take to college coughtwelveyearsagocough.Why I thought I'd need to iron something there is beyond me, because I went to an all-female college and only got out of my pajamas to go to frat parties at the neighboring university ... um, class. Yeah. Class.

What about y'all? Is there a household chore that you avoid at all costs?


  1. I can't remember the last time I ironed... I only use the iron on the rare occasion that my husband and I have to go somewhere fancy and his shirt needs to be pressed. Most of the time, I hope all I have to do is remove the plastic wrapping from the dry cleaners!

    Boo to Irons!!!

  2. Hmmm.. Photo documentation. I think you are on to something- "So what if I haven't changed the sheets in who knows how long, I have this picture to prove that it has happened."

    I have you beat on the ironing thing. I don't know the last time I ironed, But I am positive it was more than 4 years ago. My trick? Don't buy things that need to be ironed.

  3. It's crazy, but ironing doesn't bother me. Toilets annoy me.

  4. Ironing, bleh. I wait until there is at least more than 1 he-shirt before I go to the trouble to set up the ironing board - pop in a good movie & go forth. I was also in the AF - they TAUGHT us how they wanted us to iron. It is ingrained in me. That is why I work hard to take things out of the dryer quickly... except those blasted he-shirts that HAVE to be ironed. I hate mopping, too. And sweeping. Oh just face it, I am not wild about all things housecleaning wise.

  5. I'm not convinced that the above image is actually a picture of you ironing. I mean, yes. There IS an iron. And an ironing board. And clothes and stuff, but it looks more like you were practicing your ninja moves to me. . .*shrug*

  6. I love you have proof of the last time you ironed. I am with you though...I hate ironing. I have a hubby with a PhD and he acts like he can't even work an iron. I'm all about throwing the clothes back in the dryer for de-wrinkling. You've reminded me that I need a new iron board cover desperately. I cut it sewing :)

    What's my most unfavorite chore? I would have to say cleaning the bathroom. Honestly, I think I am not the one who got pink toothpaste everywhere, pee under the seat, or tiny toilet paper shreads around the toilet.

    Stopping over from SITS.

    Tickled Pink Twice
    Sew, What's Next?

  7. um, awesome pose. If I looked like grrrrowl tiger I'd be a-posin' for the Rowenta 2010 Calendar....

  8. I didn't use to iron at all, but then my darn husband started wearing proper clothes to work, like a grown up and all - and I started buying posher frocks (slightly... it's debatable) so I tried to do a little ironing every week.

    But what really happens is that once every two months we run out of clothes, and I spend two hours ironing them all, hating every minute of it.

  9. I haven't ironed since I was doing chores trying to earn money for a trampoline in 8th grade.

    I don't even do my husband's laundry because he's all, separate the colors! don't dry my shirt and pants, just hang them!

    blah blah blah, do your own laundry bossy.

  10. I think I loathe cleaning my floors as much as you despise ironing. They get swept but not "cleaned". I won't tell you how long it's been. But if I drop a piece of food on em you better believe I'm picking it up and eating it! It's a boost for the immune system--right?!?!

  11. I just started ironing again since I'm subbing now. But I HATE with a passion cleaning showers and bathtubs. Ugh.

  12. I haven't ironed in SUCH a long time!! Putting the laundry away is one of those things that I hate doing...so I make the man do it :)


  13. I'm with you--I'm an iron-avoidance ninja! My hubby was also a military dude, so he doesn't trust me to iron anything for him. He thinks he does it better. He's right. Myself? Purchasing a new clothing item that might require ironing at some point in time is a deal-breaker. The item in question and I part ways right there in the store, before we have any kind of chance to form a relationship.

  14. Dude, I hate HATE folding laundry. I'll wash it all day long, no problem; putting it away? Fo'gettaboutit!!

    Cleaning hubby's toilet in his bathroom is a close second though... something about the crusted-on urine and pubic hairs underneath the seat just grosses me out. I have no idea why. ;P

    Ironing is a bitch, but it's true: you join the military, it kinda becomes a way of life. That doesn't mean I don't still despise it. We had to iron our friggin' UNDERWEAR in boot camp.

  15. I find that clothes wrinkle more in the wash than in the dryer.

    When I do laundry I remove the clothes from the wash as soon as they’re done.
    I fold my pants and slap out the wrinkles with my hand then place them neatly in the dryer. Then I shake out the shirts and toss them in on top of the pants.

    Obviously you’ll want to avoid buying shirts with collars, especially button downs.

  16. I just stumbled on your blog and love it! Totally with you on the ironing thing. nope. not me. I buy polyster blends for that very reason!

  17. I iron - my husband worked for 15 years in a FINE CLOTHIER of men's clothing, his clothes had to be perfect, so now, he is in that habit. I ironed then, I iron now. I don't mind it a lot.

    I do, however, detest cleaning the bathroom! Toilet, shower, tub, all of it!

  18. Fighting Frumpy's hubbyFebruary 6, 2010 at 2:26 PM

    Hey, what do you mean frat parties?!?!? We were together while you were in college. You didn't look at other boys did you;P Anyway, I appreciate you whether you iron or not. Besides, I've been known to be somewhat of a diva and would prefer to do it myself! You could, however, rub my feet instead:) love you.

  19. LOL, your hatred of ironing comes from your mother! I can't remember the last time I ironed, but I do recall you and Curtis making fun of my "antique iron" once when you were visiting and Curtis wanted to iron something! ;o)

  20. The only things I iron are kids' bead work pieces at school. Yep, I'm that classy.


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