See the title of this post? It's really the scientific name of this sickness that I have. Title-itus. It's when you can't think of a good title because your thinking cap has been on hiatus for too long. (Also, the word "hiatus" looks funny and borderline-offensive when you stare at it for a long time.)

Speaking of which, I know I said I'd blog again on, like, Monday. And now it's, like, Thursday. And I know ... if I were a good blogger, I'd have had a whole repertoire of new posts set to auto-publish in my absence. But I don't do that because the Frump is live, y'all. I don't write posts in advance.*

*Plus my mad Internet skillz unfortunately do not include successful setup of auto-publish.

Anyway, I hope everyone who celebrated had a great Thanksgiving. I know I did. Plenty of food, great company, all capped off by watching every single existing episode of "The Walking Dead" with several of my siblings (because nothing says "wholesome family entertainment" like a zombie marathon).

And of course, I got tons of wonderful pictures such as these:

My handsome husband!

My charming Cameron!

My beautiful BFF and me ... can you handle this much gorgeous?

And finally, my personal favorite:
This just sums it up so nicely.

I also went shopping on Black Friday for only the second time in my life - and was as unimpressed with it this time as I was the last. Maybe I'm doing it wrong, y'all, but I didn't get a single amazing deal. Oh well ... I did get some of my Christmas shopping done. And I did capture this lady standing in line at Menard's wearing her gloves on her ears.

 I didn't think she noticed me, but underneath that smiley face is the look of someone about to beat some ass.

When I got back home, my keyboard didn't work so I had to get that situation cleared up. And all three of my kids came down with a snot-filled jubilee of a cold. And then I got busy eating a whole batch of oatmeal cookies by myself unpacking and stuff. I've hardly even been on Facebook. Is the world coming to an end?!

Anyway, let the blogging resume. Come back tomorrow, when I will probably talk about the beginning of the holiday season (a.k.a. Operation Keep-The-Kids-And-Animals-The-Eff-Out-Of-The-Christmas-Tree). Or, you know, whatever I feel like I wanna do. Gosh.*

*This last sentence will make so much more sense if you read it in a Napoleon Dynamite voice.



  1. Your Thanksgiving pics are AWESOME! hahahaha I love anytime you post, so don't you even worry for missing days. I'm here to tell you, "IT'S OK"! And if it makes you feel any better...I don't understandthe whole auto publish either.

    Love that you used Napoleon Dynamite reference. IT DOES make that whole last sentence even better.

    Glad you had a great Thanksgiving. Now I'm off to drop the girl at school.

  2. HA! Love it all. I have so many pictures of my kids just like yours - one crying, one riding the coveted bike/toy. Awww...memories.

    And, the Napoleon Dynamite voice was the key - thanks for the tip!

  3. How did her ears keep the gloves on? Was she hiding a set of elephant ears under there?

  4. Gloves on your ears. Man, I wish they would make a product that would keep ears warm in the winter.


    Isn't that called a hat?


  5. I love the pics and totally agree about Black Friday. I just don't get it. Funnily enough, just before sitting down to read this, I had a conversation with a coworker in the lunch room and she said that apparently most people return their fabulous buys, anyway. So what's the rush for, anyway?

  6. Did you let the little nose picker help you make cookies to round out the weekend?

  7. I'm always amazed how much our lives mirror each other. I even have the nose picking pic on my blog - I think it was a couple of weeks ago for Wordless Wednesday (cuz, you know, you don't have to actually WRITE anything on those days :D) I've not been organized enough to even attempt the auto-publish, guess I'm not a good blogger :( I took the entire week last week "off"!

  8. I love it.
    Nose picking blackmail photos. What could be better? But I actually think you have a nice arsenal being lined up. HA!

  9. What's a family weekend without those classic photos? And who wouldn't want to spend an evening having a zombie-thon with the siblings? LOL, those are the things that make great memories!
    I love Black Friday, even though I don't always get a bunch of bargains. It's just a fun time to get out with the most courageous members of the family, and a good excuse to eat lunch out! ;o)
    That glove-eared woman isn't the one I saw, so that means there were at least two women standing in line with gloves on their ears!

  10. LOVE the pictures. If ya hadn't noticed I'm a picture kinda gal and the one of you & your BFF...that shit is priceless!


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