My Second is Three!

Three years ago today, I gave birth to a baby boy with man-shoulders and enough back hair to make somebody a new toupee. But despite that - and despite the fact that I had worried long and hard whether I had enough love for two babies - he had my heart from the first glance.

My precious baby, my second son. My Cameron.

In the three years he's been in our lives, he has changed so much. (And FYI, he's no longer a hairy little beast.) He's gone from a precious newborn ...

... to sporting one heck of a whiteboy 'fro ...

(and yes, he still does eat toilet paper) ...

... to a rambunctious ...
... nose-picking ...
... sweetheart.

But despite all the changes, and the phases, and the messes that the last three years have brought,
some things ...

... never change.

Happy third birthday to my wonderful, vivacious, charming, mischief-making "middle man." Mommy loves you, Cameron!

PS -  I've extended the EdenFantasys giveaway! You've now got until the middle of this week - and all you've got to do is leave a comment!


  1. He's adorable, and Happy Birthday to him. However, I'm so traumatized and grossed out by the dog dish drinking and the toilet drinking pics that I may not recover. That sends my OCD into overdrive. WOWZA!

  2. Happy Birthday Kiddo. There is 4 year old boy and 2 year old girl who would love to eat Dog/Cat food with you here at my house!

  3. Happy Birthday to him! I hope it's a good one. That last picture made me giggle.

  4. Hilarious! You can't even stage these pictures if you tried! Fantastic!
    And I love that white boy fro!

  5. happy birthday to your little man! he is going to be QUITE THE CHARACTER! LOL!

  6. He looks so freakin sweet!! Happy Birthday to Cameron!

  7. I like the "progression" pictures. He is quite the cutie!!!! I see many ladies with broken hearts in the future. That is, until the above photos are leaked on facebook....


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