I Yam What I Yam

Wow! I'm so impressed by the feedback I got from everyone! Thank you so much for obliging me. I was honestly surprised by the amount of good things you had to say! I guess I just figured I left myself open to all kinds of criticism, and expected it to be heaped upon me. I tried to steel myself for some inevitable nastiness - but no! To date, the post has been up for two days and I haven't gotten a single hateful comment.

Which is of course because readers of this blog become automatically awesome. Duh.

I did get a few (very respectful) suggestions on how I might improve thangs around these parts. Several of you weren't too keen on the background. So I've lightened it, made it a bit more subtle. I do as little as I can to change the blog because, well, I designed it myself - and had to Google every. Single. Thing. The whole project took me like three very intense, headache-inducing days, hunched over my keyboard, figuring out HTML and all these other technicalities in an agonizingly slow hunt-and-peck process. So thought of accidentally messing it up, and having to research how to fix it ... let's just say I'd rather pluck a turkey.*

*I thought about things I would not like to do and "pluck a turkey" was the first thing that came to mind. I know ... weird.

I'm not sure I won't redesign it someday in the near future. But that takes time (it doesn't help that I'm uber-picky), which is something I don't have in excess. If you could see my unshaven legs, you'd know. In the meantime, I do plan to do a little sidebar tweaking, maybe try to declutter a bit.

Speaking of unshaven legs, there's the matter of overstepping into "TMI" territory. A couple of people said they loved the Frump, but that sometimes I might be a little too ... candid? Yeah, I can't deny: I share (and overshare) a ton of personal stuff. That's just me, though. I started this blog as a way to reach out - blindly, because I didn't know squat about the blogosphere then - in hopes of finding other women who could relate to me. The more intimately you know someone, the more you can relate - so when I tell you things, it's just me being in need of people who feel me. When we had to make a very difficult decision about our dog Andy, where did I turn? How about when Colin was struggling in school?

I brought it here. To you. It's because I like to know that support is out there, you know? That there are people who get what I'm saying, and who can commiserate or offer up some good advice. When I wrote about, say, needing a job ... that's because I was worried about it at the time. It was on my mind. Actually, there's a lot that I haven't blogged about in order to preserve the funny and lighthearted tone of the blog. 2009 was one of the worst years of my life - and not because I brushed my hair with a piss-covered hairbrush. I kept on churning out amusing posts, even in the midst of truly traumatic events that caused me to have nightmares for two solid months. So I apologize if sometimes I expose a few details too many - but it's difficult to keep a cork in it all the time. Sometimes my problems do run a little more deeply than growing a beard.

Speaking of keeping a cork in it, my potty mouth was also a topic of conversation. And I know, cussing does nothing for the English language. But neither does saying y'all, and I do that all the time too. I just write like I talk; I can't help it. If I were talking to you right now, I'd sound just like I "sound" in these posts. I am a girl who wants to be a lady and admires all things ladylike (I would love to be a combination of Martha Stewart and Morticia Addams), but who falls short of that most of the time. In the immortal words of the great and powerful Popeye: "I yam what I yam."

This blog is (and should be), if nothing else, an accurate reflection of me ...imperfections and all. And like it or not, y'all, I'm a sharer. And a cusser.*

*And somebody who thinks mint and chocolate is a disgusting combo. Just FYI.

My very favorite suggestion was of course ... MORE CARTOONS!!! I'm so glad y'all asked, for real. I love doing cartoons. I just didn't think anybody was paying much attention to them. But now I know better! So I'll bring in frumpy-little-cartoon-Me more often.
Anyway, thanks a million for your input! I appreciate knowing that the Frump brings people a laugh. Thinking of making someone smile makes me smile, and I'm humbled and honored that you guys keep coming back.

Even when I do get a little out of hand.

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  1. I would much rather read a blog that is the true person. so if you swear, good on ya, you will never hear me tell you to tone it down. Love your blog.

  2. I love the blog, cussing, y'alls, good and bad times, all around. It's pretty sweet, and the only blog I read with any regularity. Keep up the good work of doin' you, Rita!

  3. I love the blog, cussing, y'alls, good and bad times, all around. It's pretty sweet, and the only blog I read with any regularity. Keep up the good work of doin' you, Rita! (Currently posting this instead of working... whoopsie!)

  4. Well, I missed yesterday's post (will go read it next), and, heck, I've been out of the blogsphere for about four whole months, so I'm really behind in reading and commenting and posting and everything....

    That said, I have always loved your blog. I love your writing voice, your humor, and your frankness. IMO, don't change a thing.

    And I think it's awesome that you design your own blog! I do like that it's a little lighter...and I love your logo. :-) I feel like blogs are our other babies from beginning to end, which is why I always designed my own blog instead of having someone else do it, even when I hated how mine looked. (Finally just redesigned it to how I like it...it only took two blinkin' years, lol!)But yours is awesome, and I don't think you should change a thing.

  5. Yay! That's all. Just Yay!

    I too write exactly how I talk, and you just get what you get. I know I should swear less, but c'mon...sometimes there is just no better way to get something across than a good swear.

    And I totally feel ya on how CRAPPY life can be and NOT writing about all the drama. It makes me feel a little better to write something funny or lighthearted, rather than dwelling on the SUCK!

    Looking forward to another year of Frumpy entertainment.

  6. Just so you know, I've read this blog every time you post, have friended the blog on Facebook so I don't miss anything and I LOVE IT. You do more than make me smile...you make me laugh and sometimes cry (in a good "I totally understand - life is hard" kind of way). Keep it up! I realize doing this blog takes away from family, shaving legs, cleaning up poo, pee, and peanut butter...but your writing makes us realize that there are other alive people out there in this crazy world of zombies (see - others are also deathly afraid of zombies). :)

  7. I personally think that you cuss a perfect amount for someone with 3 kids, a dog, a husband, a blog...and well, just life in general. I've irritated people before with my detailed tales and, though I respect their opinion, all I have to say is that that is one of the most wonderful things about reading...you can look away...or stop. No one is forcing anyone to stare at a book or monitor and continue to read something that they may not agree with. Like political advertisements, I just turn it off. In fact, now that I think about it I may respect a politician a little more if they spoke of their daily routine of cleaning up poop or being stressed due to chasing 3 kids around relatives houses. It's what makes us human! :)

  8. I LOVE how candid your blog is!! I know you asked for feedback but when people make comments regarding your "candid'ness" I find it kind of funny because you're not forcing them to read this. I don't want you to lose readers but lets get real anyone reading this blog consistently isn't here for Emily Post tips. I don't have kids yet but I love how you don't sugar coat the stories, they are what they and I always look forward to your posts.

  9. Ok- I'm new to your blog...but I loved it from first glance. I say: don't change a thing!! And I love the honesty and candid nature...hello, motherhood isn't sugar coated. Gross things happen, sometimes we look simply frightful, and it's great when I can read that someone else experiences the same. Mrs Perfect is so 90's (ok...I was in high school then!) but you get my point. THe beauty of being a wife and mama is that we screw up, we don't always shower, and occassionally we yell...but it's ok. And I personally like to read about...makes me feel better!!!

  10. This is what keeps us coming back! I love the realness of your blog. I can totally relate and I love that!

  11. Keeping it real is the most important thing that keeps a blog good (and therefore to my liking), and you do just that. Cuss words, TMI and a certain color background - who cares! I care that you make it personal and, even never setting eyes on you are your family, I feel a personal relationship with you, the boys, even Curtis. So you are doing just fine, any of the negative be damned!

  12. I think you have a very smooth look to your blog. The new background looks great.

  13. Keep up the awesome work. I don't usually post comments but couldn't let this one go. I subscribe to several blogs on google reader but yours is the first one I read! I may not always get around to reading them all so I do the best first. You ALWAYS make me laugh and usually out loud. As the mom of five kiddos I can feel your pain and it makes me feel "normal". I could care less what your background looks like (I hadn't even paid it any attention until it was mentioned). Love your blog.

  14. Just keep on keepin' it real! ;o)

  15. I like reading the good, the bad, and the ugly because it lets me know I am not alone. Don't stop the honesty and the openness, cause we're right there with you!

  16. Keep it coming, girl, I love your blog! I'm off to find the previous post that I missed...

  17. I love your blog and I don't mind the TMI bit of it. Mainly because I can also be TMI. I figure if someone doesn't like it, they can skip that post.

    And I do swear. I try to keep it out of my blog, but sometimes a curse word has slipped out.

  18. The fact that you even asked the Internets what they like makes you a saint in my book. And that you took it constructively and went with it.

    F**king saint.

    I don't take criticism well. Ask my husband. ;)

    I love your blog. Read ya everyday. And the fact that we both hail from the country's armpit makes me love you more.

  19. You are a brave lady! I don't know if I could do that, open myself up to the masses like that.

    And to be blunt, I don't have the time tonight to look back through your quadrillion comments to see what people said, although I'm awfully curious. But I will say this, I don't think it's fair or right to critique someone on the content of their blog. I could see if people wanted to tell you something about the design elements of your blog, (which by the way, I love your really cool design), or if there was something they wanted you to blog about, but to criticize you and say you over share is really unfair. It's your blog. It's your voice. And you have every right to use it any way you want.

    I, for one, love your tell it like it is approach. Don't ever change.

    And I don't think pluck a turkey. I think swing a chicken around my head until it's neck is broken, because that's how my grandma used to kill the chickens for dinner. What is wrong with us?


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