Autocorrect FAIL!

In between butt-wiping and laundry-doing, I write for a couple different magazines - and lately I've been pretty busy.

But, y'all? I'm not so busy that I don't stop to proofread the emails I send out. However, I'm glad that one of my associate editors is too busy to proofread when he sends stuff from his BlackBerry - otherwise, I wouldn't have gotten this little gem in my inbox yesterday, regarding the Goddard School. G-O-D-D-A-R-D.


I must say, getting this totally made my day. I laughed so hard I almost fell out of my chair.

This one's going to Damn You Autocorrect. (And if you don't know about DYAC, you should. But be prepared for some serious cackling.)

Happy "Goddard" Wednesday, everyone!


  1. Love that website!! My boys get so annoyed when I read it and howl constantly with laughter!

  2. Kind of mad that my work blocks DYAC as "Tasteless" with our Internet filters. Thankfully, I have my smartphone right here. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  3. Autocorrect gets me every time.

  4. bah!!!!

    years ago i worked in hr and i sifted through mountains of resumes. my favorite FAVORITE resume was from a woman that said she was an expert in PUBIC RELATIONS. lol

  5. LOL, gotta love that autocorrect! Nothing 'correct' about it!

  6. I hate autocorrect. I turn it off any chance I get. My spelling may be off but at least I don't say something I completely don't mean.

  7. I love auto correct simply because it is entertaining. Sometimes I purposely send messages to my friends that have been auto corrected to say the stupidest things.


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