Noah Isn't Here

Noah is a name that's been dropped pretty often around our house these days.

But we're not talking the Biblical Noah, or the kid in Colin's class by that name; this Noah is trouble, and when he comes around, somebody's in for it. Namely, me. Because "he" DRIVES. ME. CRRRAZY.

See, usually my kids do everything I say just tell me "noooo." The other day, though - out of the blue - Colin's usual whiny "n-with-infinite-o's" had a tag-along: uhhhhh. 

I blinked. "Excuse me?"

"Nooooooo-uhhhhhhhh!" he whiiiiiiiiined.

And right then it was like somebody had touched a raw nerve. Most whines roll right off me, like water off a duck's back - those don't deserve acknowledgement. But this particular type of whine, in this particular tone, just annoyed me to no end. I had to nip this one in the bud. But how?

Right then, as if by divine intervention, I got an idea. It was a light-bulb moment if I ever had one, y'all. I put on my best face of exaggerated surprise and ran to look (over)eagerly out the window. "Oh my goodness!" I trilled. "Noah's here?! How exciting!" 

Colin's reaction was priceless. He looked like somebody slapped him - then dissolved into a fit of giggles. Then asked me to say it again.

I'm not sure where he picked this irritating little addition up, but I don't like my "no's" with extra "uhhh." Hearing the abbreviated version is bad enough. All I know is that every time he slips up, I just have to ask if Noah's in the building and he instantly drops the whine - and, often, complies with whatever I'm requesting with no further protest (insert Hallelujah chorus here). I'm noticing, thankfully, that "Noah" is visiting less and less. And that's totally worth looking a little silly for.

What do your kids do that touches THAT nerve? 


  1. You are a genious, I need to use that now! We have a friend like Noah and when Peanut sounds like said friend I want to sream at the top of my lungs and run away as fast as possible. Have a great day!

  2. What a great idea! I love it!

  3. The word Ummmmm gtes on my nerves. I want to tell L that she sounds stupid...instead I tell her that when you say ummmm in front of everything people start to think that you are not very

  4. I used to do that very same whine to my father. He'd always respond with, "Who's Noah?" and I'd get so mad I'd leave the room, thus ending whatever problem was going on the first place.

  5. ANY whining touches that nerve. Also when my boys start winding each other up to VOLUME 11!- it freaks me out. My husband does an imitation of Thing 2's laugh that makes me have to physically stop myself from jamming the garbage can onto his head.
    I need a girl's weekend- at a spa (with margaritas).

  6. When the step-daughter goes "I donnnnnn't knowwww." She doesn't even take the time to think to answer the question but just says that phrase with an upward inflection. = Nails on Chalkboard.

  7. My own child does plenty of annoying things, but nothing (yet) that pushes my buttons like a boy I used to work with, who, when asked to do something would reply with, "Neverrrrr!" (Sometimes, "Nevaaah" was an acceptable variation.) As in, "Johnny, will you put on your shoes so we can go outside?" Johnny: "Neverrrr!"


  8. My daughter has a habit lately of ending everything with either "Really Mom" or my favorite "Just saying" she is 9 and thankfully cute or she won't make it to 10.

  9. Divine intervention and Noah....interesting connection! ;o)

    I never could stand whining, either, but you kids didn't do it much. However, there were those teenage years when I frequently got the "Moooom!" and the accompanying rolling of eyes. It got pretty tiresome after several of you went through that phase. We all survived, though.

  10. That was very clever of you! I'm afraid when the boys were young I was often too tired to think of anything as clever as that.

  11. My niece was visiting at xmas and my brother (her dad) allows her to say "shut up" (to him!!). I was waiting for it. Sure enough, my son told me to "shut up" at one point. I think I FLEW, actually flew across the room, grabbed him and sat him in my lap so I could look right in his eyes in an extremely uncomfortable and awkward way, and I was like, "We NEVER say SHUT UP" in my most scary voice possible. My son said, "ok," and he has never said it again thank goodness!

    I love how you handled your predicament. I am lucky mine worked because my son was only 2 and still afraid of the scary voice.

  12. My 2yo is one of those "no-uh" kids. But it doesn't bother me too's just that he says "no-uh" to EVERYTHING. BUt what chaps my butt the most is the whimpery whine (like a sad puppy!!) our 4 yo does all the time.

  13. had to follow you when i saw your blog title in another blog roll ( I am thinking this would be a fun blog hop.. to follow random blog rolls).. would love a follow back..

  14. Do you have about 10 years to read what annoys me? My 10 year old (soon to be 11) who acts like he's two because his 5 year old brother does which then gets my 5 year old to act worse. That and my 34 year old husband sucking his thumb.


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