I Actually Got Invited Somewhere!

I know. I know. It's been a hot second since I last posted - but I wanted y'all to have the chance to catch up on the posts I wrote while my feed was on the fritz (thanks to my unfortunate lack of mad technical skillz). But you know who finally fixed it? My husband. Curtis, who hunts-and-pecks with two fingers when he types, whipped out some hidden computer-geek talent and had my feed fixed before I could say, "WTF?" This is like a plumber who comes in to fix your toilet and ends up hemming your raggedy curtains before he leaves: totally unexpected, yet delightfully surprising. So Honey, I owe you one.*

*And by "owe you one" you can pretty much guess what that's probably going to mean. Yeah: a free afternoon at the golf course. What'd you think I was talking about, you pervs? 

Anyway, besides spreading awesomeness everywhere but the Internet, I've been busy doing something else: guest-posting for the fabulous and (seriously) awe-inspiring Michele over at The Professional Family Manager. You can find my guest post here, and while you're at it I totally suggest you browse her blog for a while: if there's anyone successfully battling the frump-monster, it's her. She'll make you proud to be a mother ... unless you're, like, a father or something.

See you back here tomorrow, when I post about daily life: the "I can do it all by myself" edition.


  1. Way to go Hubby! I'm on the other end of things....my guy is an IT guy so he generally knows it all but I surprise him from time to time when I figure something out he couldn't. I try to gloat but he's all..."Way to Go Baby!," and is proud and shit. That pulls the Glo out of Gloat.

  2. the whole feed thing is confusing to me. Like everything else computer related. How do you know how many people are subscribing to you? I've had someone (someONE) say they were a subscriber, but I don't know how to check it out!

  3. for me to owe the hubby one, means he gets the remote to himself or a nap before dinner, lol

  4. I'm pretty confident that neither my husband or myself could fix a feed. But he could build you a house and I could tell you.... nothing. I really have no skills.

  5. I like the plumber comment!! I totally get what you're saying here. I feel the same way when Aiden does the laundry, "Holy crap, you do know how to use the washer!" : )


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