I woke up on this beautifully sunny Saturday to an upset stomach. Fabulous. Thank goodness Curtis doesn't have to be at work until this evening - otherwise I'd have had to do all my parenting from behind the bathroom door. (And we all know how effective that would be.) But still, it sucks - it's a gorgeous day, my husband is off for most of it, and I'm ... sick and stuck in the house. Bah humbug.

To add insult to injury, I just had to drag myself over to this computer and check my Facebook account. And pretty much everybody's status said something fun: "Headed to the pool before the barbecue!" "Going to the zoo and then clubbing tonight!" "Dinner at so-and-so's!"

If I changed my status, this would be it: "Rita is slumped slack-jawed and frizzy-haired on the couch, watching between trips to the restroom as the kids destroy the house. Anybody got some Pepto?"


  1. Awwwww......get better soon! What a way to waste a beautiful day!

  2. Well...you obviously didn't get to see my facebook that said i was overly irritated with a boyfriend who, after I went to bed at 10, decided to come in drunk and vomiting at 11:30 and then proceed to tell me that he didn't even drink that much. So he brushed his teeth and came to bed. Ane he stunk. And he was snoring. And he was taking up the whole bed. So, I went downstairs and watched tv and slept in the recliner on and off until 4:30 this morning. Then our temporary roomie called at 8 a.m. to ask me to plz bring her some female supplies to work because her Auntie Flo came into town a few days early. So, there was no fun in my morning. And I basically sat at home all day feeling yucky from lack of sleep.

    PS - Hope it was just baby making your tummy yucky. And I hoep Sunday is a better day for you.

  3. Thanks Mom! Hopefully tomorrow will be better, since Curtis is actually off ... knock on wood!

    Oh Charisse ... how COMPLETELY irritating. I know that feeling myself. At least he came home at 11:30 instead of the crack of dawn - although I guess you wouldn't have gotten sleep either way. Hope you feel better, too!

  4. Hope you feel better soon! That's no fun. I bet your body will be happy that you are resting though!

  5. Hope you got well already..

    I didn't have fun weekend since I got my 3-months boy, I know I still can have fun with him (which I'm trying to do) but I miss going to the movies!

  6. ^
    by the way that was me "Fatimah"

  7. I knew it was you, Fatimah! :)

    I know what you mean ... I miss going to the movies too. I can't even REMEMBER the last one I saw in the theater! Too bad you don't live closer, we could go together.


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