One Man's Trash is ... Another Man's Trash Too

Our neighbors had a yard sale (garage sale, rummage sale, tag sale, whatever you want to call it) today, and we threw some of our seemingly-endless junk in.

It would have been perfect for drag queens looking for huge Nine West pumps (my feet are big, y'all), people who are into collecting decade-old college textbooks, and anyone looking for a functional sandwich toaster. But alas, none of the shoppers fit any of those categories. Plus it rained, which is a huge customer deterrent. So we had a grand total of, like, four customers in five hours. Woot!

Curtis made fun of me for pricing a camera case and putting it out on the table. "Seriously, an empty case?" he said. "Who's going to want an empty -"

As if on cue, a woman came up and grabbed it. "Is this a camera case?" she asked excitedly.

"Why yes it is!" I told her, smirking triumphantly at my husband as she forked over her 50 cents. I could practically see him eating his words.

At the end of the sale, the neighbors counted out our portion of the earnings: a whopping $10. (What's terrible is that, even with such a pitiful amount, we still outsold them by a couple bucks - and it was their sale!) Oh well. We're $10 richer than we were this morning (and we were poor this morning, so you do the math) and we did have a nice visit.

Next time, though, I'm totally putting my leather pants in the sale. I think those would be a major customer draw.


  1. I love me some drag queen garage sales. sorry I missed your junk!

  2. that's funny b/c just today Susan was talking about having a rummage sale & I have many things to contribute including old college text books! LOL I have a lot of crap for 1 person!

  3. Did you have to give your $10 to that lady for arriving on cue and purchasing the empty camera case?


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