Crayon-ing Around

The other day at lunch, the kids were given children's menus with the requisite four-pack of crappy crayons. Upon closer inspection, I was amused to note a pretty unfair discrepancy in the names of the colors. While the bright crayons had been given more fanciful titles ...

... The poor bland boring brown had been called, well ...

Seriously? The creative-crayon-name-givers behind "Molten Lava" and "Corn on the Cob" couldn't think up a suitable synonym for brown? How about "Chocolate Pudding" or "Teddy Bear?" What's wrong with "Diaper Surprise" or "Dog Doo?"

The possibilities are endless.


  1. How about Tree Bark or Chocolate Frosting? And not to forget Mr. Hankey as a loveable option!

    You should write to the company with your suggestions. :)

  2. My vote is Diaper Surprise.

    Thanks for the amusing thoughts to start my day!

  3. I have just recently stumbled upon your blog and I just had to drop a note to tell you how much I enjoy it! That's all, I have no amusing name to share or what not, just thought I would say thanks for sharing your life with me (and good luck with that baby, #3 makes all the difference in the world- good and bad : )

  4. Ah, yes, diaper surprise. Fabulous!!! :)

  5. This is funny but I think diaper surprise would be more like a fluorescent green color :)

  6. Corn on the cob? Seriously? LOL!

    Yes, poor brown. Most people don't even eat the brown M&M's from the pack. Such a shame....

    At the very least, they could have considered these, just to jazz it up a bit:

    (1) "Bobby Brown - color my cares away from Whitney..."
    (2) "Julie Brown - still looking for a job since my MTV days..."
    (3) "Charlie Brown - getting no respect from Snoopy or anyone else..."

    I could go on but you get the idea. :-)

  7. I can see it now...a crayon labeler working into the wee hours of the night, coming up with creative names for the colors. The boss comes by and says, "This is stupid. 'Corn on the Cob'? You think the kid's gonna eat this thing? Please!" Dejected and angry, the labeler glares at the boss behind his back...and stamps the next color "brown."

    Sorry--too much coffee today. :-)

  8. My contribution: Your-nose-is-brown

  9. Serious!!!!!! Mud pie, cow pie, mousse pie...

  10. Chocolate Cake is better than plain old brown!


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