"Stuff I Like" Sunday: Charitable Clicking

I really meant to donate $100 to the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). Seriously. I was gonna drop it off at the post office on my way to deliver the canned goods to the homeless shelter ... after I took the household items to the battered women's refuge and dropped off the kids' outgrown stuff at the Salvation Army. But wouldn't you know - my car was loaded down with all this change that I collected door-to-door for the Make-A-Wish Foundation last week during the neighborhood cleanup, and so I got a flat tire, and ... uh ...

Okay, you got me. That's a total crock. I am soooo not the charitable giver I should be. It isn't that I don't have good intentions: I would love to donate money and time and effort and stuff to every worthy cause out there. It's just that ... well, you see, I ... I, uh ...

... I have no excuse, really. Oy.

(Note to self: must improve level of altruistic generosity.)

Lucky for me, though (and you, if you're like me, which you probably are - otherwise the world's problems would be a lot closer to solved), you can do some easy, painless, and fun charitable giving without even peeling your ass from the computer chair. Now that's what I call a win-win situation. Some, like FreeRice.com, are fun games you can play (indulge your inner nerd by answering questions in categories like vocabulary, art, chemistry, and other brain-bending stuff) and the more correct answers you get, the more food their sponsors will donate. Others, like The Hunger Site and its affiliates and Care2 Click-to-Donate, just involve a few seconds of your time - you click on a button and presto! You've donated to a worthy cause - using somebody else's money! (And as anybody who has ever a. been a teenager or b. fantasized about having a wealthy sugar daddy can attest, nothing spends as good as somebody else's funds.)

These are awesome, no-commitment, absolutely free and absolutely simple ways to help. You know I love me some awesome, no-commitment, simple, free stuff, y'all. So click on the links to share the goodwill - do it every day if you can - and tell a friend ... or ten!

The Breast Cancer Site
The Child Health Site
The Literacy Site
The Rainforest Site
The Animal Rescue Site
The Hunger Site
Help end world hunger


  1. Wow- never knew these existed! I love spending other people's money!

  2. I will definately check those sites out.

    I did donate to March of Dimes and now every week it seems they send me another letter, imploring me to donate again. But hey, they do give me free address labels!

  3. Thanks for sharing! I'm going to check them out now.

  4. Great idea! I agree that most of us need to be a lot more altruistic, but at least this is a good start!

  5. Haha, I'm a Mormon! We give TEN percent of every buckaroo we earn to charity...I just wish they had a way to pay online.

  6. What fab tips! I need to get out there more with my time and money too!

  7. I used to keep most of these sites in my email inbox so that each day I would see them and "click." Got out of the habit, but you've inspired me to do it again! Thanks!


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