Get Her, Boys!

They're conspiring against me, the three of them. Already. I just know it.

The good thing is, our older two seem to be adjusting perfectly to the new addition. Either Colin and Cameron genuinely do adore Coby (affectionately dubbed "Co-beast"), or they're good at convincing me otherwise while they secretly plot to throw him out with next Thursday's garbage.

The bad thing is, I'm almost four days postpartum. Which means my help is ever-so-slowly diminishing. My mom left today, and Curtis has to go back to work this weekend ... which will leave me alone with the boys, all three million of them, BY MYSELF.

I'm not sure I can handle this, considering the bitter foretaste of it that I got this afternoon. I am not at all exaggerating when I say that within half an hour of my mother's departure, it looked like a freakin' whirlwind swept through this piece. Seriously. Toys and discarded pieces of clothing all over the floor, dishes on the counter. WTF? Does this stuff auto-generate itself? Did my mom have some sort of secret cleanup-bot (think Rosie from the Jetsons) packed in her teeny little safari-printed suitcase?

Not only that, but the second Curtis stepped out of the house to take the dog to pee? OMG. The door closed behind him and suddenly all hell broke loose. Coby starts in with his squealy little cry, which could wake the dead and roughly translates into, "Drop everything and get me onto a boob now, woman!" Colin, meanwhile, is wandering (pantsless) down the stairs whining about wanting to go with Daddy, and Cameron is literally hanging from the refrigerator door wailing, "Milk milk miiiilk!"

Ah ... yeah. I'm totally prepared.

It might not be so overwhelming if I weren't dealing with soreness from practically the neck down (reminder: 9 pound 2 ounce behemoth) and boobs that are suddenly, like, the size of my head.

I think that if ever we decide to have a fourth child, it'll be when I'm rich enough to hire a medical team to fly with me to some posh resort where I can give birth and recover for a few days weeks in a tranquil setting where people wait on me hand and foot.

Hmm. Looks like we're only having three then.


  1. I wish I lived closer 'cause I'd come help, really. I can't imagine what you are facing and dealing with but we iz all here fur ya, even if it is just to listen to you scream. Primal sream therapy has it's points.

  2. Awww Bless You,I'm thinking of you! Your one brave woman!!
    They are three gorgeous boys.. :) x

  3. Was your mom carrying a safari-printed suitcase or an embroidered handbag? I think you better check, she might be Mary Poppins, in which case, you don't stand a chance against those three boys! ;-)

  4. You will do fine with 3 boys.....I know it!

  5. I know it's overwhelming. You'll get your routine down and things will get better. Eventually you'll be thankful for 3 boys close in age because when the sibling rivalry is not in full force they'll be best friends and playmates.

  6. Ahh, he is beautiful! And look at all your blondies! Isn't it awesome how much they love the new baby (I'm sure it is genuine). I really enjoy seeing how loving my boys can be with my (not so new) baby. It is scary!!!...that first day your husband heads off to work and leaves you alone to fend for yourself. But everything eventually works into mommy mode and you gain control (most of the time).

  7. I remember the days of two plus a newborn. Well, I sort of remember the's a bit hazy, actually. The good news is, that we made it to the other side, and you will, too.

  8. All your boys are adorable.

    Good luck. I imagine you'll do fine.

  9. Rita, I can't even imagine what life is like for you! From my view, it sounds pretty fun though to spend your days with your three/four boys! I'm sure your mom will be back to help as often as she can. And you'll get into a routine as fast as lightning. That must be the most adorable picture ever, by the way.

  10. Oh my gosh, I miss those boys SO much already! I thought about them all day at work and tried not to cry. If I lived closer, I'd be there to help a lot more. But I'll be back ASAP, for sure!

    You'll do just fine with them; I'm sure of it. There will be moments of sheer pandemonium, but just take a deep breath and remember how much you love them. And if all else fails, use the method I used when you and your siblings were driving me crazy.....lock yourself in the bathroom for a minute or two! LOL


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