Life is Messy

So I know you're all wondering: now that Coby is a whopping ten days old, how is Rita adjusting to life with three kids?

Well, I'd have to say that all in all, I'm doing pret - oops, hold on a second.

Okay. Sorry. As I was saying, I'm doing pretty well so far. There are just a few th - ugh, sorry again, I'll be right back.

*ahem* Okay, one more time: I'm doing pretty well, but there are a few things I'm having to let fall by the wayside while I learn to deal with - GRRR, hold on.

On second thought, let me just post a few pictures that will speak volumes:

There now: does that answer your question? :)


  1. What does the first picture represent? I get the rest - chaos - although your idea of chaos and my idea of chaos are two totally different outlooks. Putting my mom's house on the market meant ALL her stuff either went in her storage shed or MY sunroom. I have no sunroom. I now have a sunstorage shed. I can totally relate but I don't have a 10 day old newborn as a viable excuse. Can I borrow Coby?

  2. not that bad! and remember, there will always be time to clean, but they won't always be babies! Try to enjoy them as much as you can!

  3. it's all good hon, remember my motto:

    trying to keep your house clean while your kids are growing is like shoveling the driveway while it's still snowing!

    love you!

  4. Ya' know. Your house looks pretty clean to me! Don't stress- you're doing great!

  5. That first picture is nothing.

    You can't even SEE a section of my counters since it's covered with old mail and the packages I need to send out from eBay.

    Your living room looks like mine right now.

    Good luck with everything! I remember the hardest part for me with a newborn was lack of sleep. I love my sleep so going without it was not fun.

  6. Wait, are you trying to show me a "messy" house or something? Cuz I can't tell. :) Come by my disaster any day!

  7. Oh, it is so difficult to keep all the balls in the air! Good luck!

  8. Just enjoy that little Coby-face and you won't even see the (barely a) mess.

    Congrats BTW!!!

  9. It'll all be just fine! Having a perfectly clean house isn't nearly as important as all the other stuff you're doing!

  10. your idea of letting things go look slike my house on its bet day, after i've cleaned it top to bottom. I'm feeling very inadequate now :)

  11. um yah, that shit is clean. :)


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