Open Wide! ... Or Not.

So this past weekend, a man instructed me to "open your sexy mouth and let me do the rest."

... And it wasn't my husband.

It was the hibachi chef at a Japanese restaurant.


As you know (or maybe not if you aren't a regular reader of my blog, and if you aren't you should be because it's like totally awesome or maybe just slightly cool. Whatever) my sister was here for the weekend. And in honor of her upcoming birthday - and the fact that I had the opportunity to leave the house without my children (adults! conversations!) - I took her to experience hibachi. If you don't know what that is, click here for an explanation 'cause I am totally too lazy to type it all out. And this baby on my chest doesn't help.

Anyway, the chef had these little pieces of cooked egg that he was flipping into people's mouths with his spatula, which is why he ended up uttering the aforementioned creepy line. But yuck.

(PS - I did not open my sexy mouth.)

Otherwise, it was a great weekend. I so enjoyed having my sister here. I mean, I can't shovel an entire batch of puppy chow into my face while discussing how funny it would be if farts came out in little floating shapes with just anyone.

... Obviously we have reached the absolute pinnacle of maturity.

Hope your weekend was as classy as mine!


  1. I wouldn't open my mouth either. Creeeepy!

  2. I can relate to adult conversation. I relate to ANY conversation. Poor hubby gets hit by a hurricane of useless words when he gets home - just so I can talk to a human being - as opposed to my computer, printer, oven, microwave, or washing machine. And that chef's line is just plain CREEPY! 10 on the yuck meter

  3. Farts in puffy bubble shapes?
    I just spit out my cookie crunch.

  4. Okay...I think I'd have kept those puckers sealed even if it HAD been my husband! Glad you had a great time with your sis!

  5. I know, you guys. This chef was perfectly decent and then he suddenly became all sleazy-fied. I mean, I'm no prude, but ... ick.

    Nan - I'm sure Curtis feels the same way. I just talk to the kids all day and then when he gets home I bombard him! Poor guy.

    JenJen - Wouldn't it be funny if for just one day we could see everybody's farts? Like, if Obama were making a speech at the podium and just let one slip. Or Angelina strutting down the red carpet and oops, out comes a little bubble (I bet hers would be in the shape of Africa or something).

    Okay ... perhaps I've gone too far. :)

  6. It's all fun and games at those dinners until the chef throws a prawn and it hits you in the eye...

    Ha ha ha, just read your last comment...

  7. LOL Leave it to my girls to come up with the topic of farting little bubbles! Puppy chow sounds good right now!

  8. I don't think I would have opened my mouth either! Stopping by from SITS to say hi!

  9. Jen - It was all going fine until he said that ... there's just something about a crude comment from a perfect stranger that tends to spoil your lunch!

    Me - Yes, if Curtis said something like that I'd look at him in a very "WTF?" way, for sure.

    Mom - If you have the ingredients at your house, I'll make you some next time I'm there ... HINT HINT

    Alex - I always worry about some horrible mistake when they do the fire theatrics ... between the two, I think I'd rather take a prawn to the eye. :)

    Michaela - hello! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment ... don't you just love SITS?

  10. Woahhh that's crazy!! I do love hibachi though I would have kept my mouth closed too!


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