Stubble Trouble

In honor of Halloween, or maybe just because it's Wednesday, I've decided to post something scary.

This? Is my leg hair right now.

(In case you ever questioned my super-blinding-whiteness, here's your proof.)

Sorry to make you run from the room screaming - nice ass, by the way - but let me explain. No, I'm not growing it out in anticipation of getting it waxed. No, I'm not growing it out just to see if I can braid it for giggles. The reason my legs rival Sasquatch right now is because the last, like, SIX times I've attempted to shave them, I get interrupted before I get the chance.

I'm an all-or-nothing kind of girl when it comes to my legs. No shaving just the bottom part; it's either ankle to hip smoothness or porcupine prickles. But it's hard to find enough uninterrupted time to properly de-fuzz. Curtis's work schedule conflicts with every decent opportunity I seem to have. And then there are situations like last night, when Curtis had put Colin and Cameron to bed and fallen asleep in their room. Coby was all but comatose in his bouncy seat, so I figured I had the perfect chance to shave. I put the baby's seat on the bathroom floor and got into the shower - and what do you know? Picking him up, carrying him into the bathroom, jostling him as I turned on the light and put him down, and turning on the roaring rush of shower didn't wake him ... but as soon as I put razor to leg, waaaaaaaaahhhhh! And I yelled for Curtis, but of course he sleeps like an earplug-wearing dead guy. So there you go. The leg hair remains.

I'm seriously thinking about tossing out my deodorant, letting my pits grow wild, and wearing dreadlocks and Birkenstocks and patchwork dresses and telling everybody that my rampant leg hair is just part of my new "earth-mother" look.

At least I give Colin something to aspire to - and hey, it's good birth control.


  1. I think that is exactly how the "earth mother" look came to be! Shaving with children is an adventure! I remember! It could be a survivor reality show.

    I am blessed, I am nearly hair-less, and not just due to my age either. I have never had to shave above the knee and the pits can go for days without a noticeable dark fuzz. I have nearly no hair on my arms either. It is a fact that drives Morgan crazy, because not only did she get her looks from her father - she got his French hair rug! lol. poor kid.

  2. The good news is that winter is on its way! Nobody needs to know about your new Earth Mother persona until summer comes around again!

  3. Perfect timing though - just say it's your Halloween costume!

    (And uh, my legs aren't what's hairy these days...if you catch my drift. I am all of a sudden "au naturel" when it comes to the pubical area - no time for a wax!)

  4. Yup, this how I keep my hubby off me. Hairy, scary legs.

  5. K. EW.
    But, I love the mother earth granola reference....Remember that photo of Julia Roberts years back, who, when she waved, sported a friggin braid coming out of her pit?

  6. did you get a pic of my leg and hairs on your blog?!! That's what mine look like right now too! It's always worse in the someone threw some miracle grow on the suckers or somethin'!

  7. Tracy - I could slap you! (Not really, I like you too much.) But seriously, I'm totally jealous of the hairlessness. My mom is the same way. I can relate to Morgan! And BTW - I was literally "LOL" at the "French hair rug" reference.

    Me - You've definitely got a point. It almost makes me glad I don't live in a warm climate where capris and stuff are acceptable year-round! ... Almost.

    Sarah - ME TOO! Ugh. The only hair that gets removed regularly is from my pits. Oh yeah, and my beard. :)

    Jen - I haven't scheduled my postpartum checkup yet, but I'm not in much of a hurry because I know there's noooo danger of me getting pregnant again with these thorny stems, LOL.

    JenJen - But it was JULIA. ROBERTS. So, you know, I'm sure everybody thought it was acceptable ... or at least closer to it. If I did it, people would just be like, "Gross!"

    Rose - I know. Mine seem to be growing faster now that I'm not pregnant any more, too ... fantastic!

  8. LOL, Rita, yup, poor Morgan

    and ryn on my post.... you truly are someone who I respect, look up to (especially when it comes to your writing) and am continually amazed by. Be assured, despite not always feeling that way, the "skin" you have looks great on you! You wear it well.

  9. i'm right there with ya girl. i NEVER get a chance to shave! i really only do it when i go to the dr. or in the summer when i want to wear a skirt. LOL

    hope you get a chance to de-fuzz soon! :)

  10. Lol the only reason I have trouble finding time to shave is cos my exams are so close... but since you commented my blog (THANKYOU!!!) I thought it would be rude not to return the favour ;)

  11. perfect for Halloween...or pregnancy prevention like you said. That last line cracked me up.

  12. Well---I tend to be hairy during the winter months---kind of like a bear---it keeps me warmer....

  13. Oh Rita, I remember a line from the Golden Girls about shaving all the way up... 'past the knee is a waste of time', I'm with Bea. Save yourself the time, shave the lower legs at least - you are freakin' me out a little


  14. You at least have an excuse. Mine is that I don't want to wake up the 15 minutes earlier in the morning...

  15. Being a blonde, I had super white soft baby fine leg hair. Now, oh don't hate me, I shave once in a blue moon - like every 4 or 5 months or so because ir barely grows. But I also don't have your thick beautimous head of hair either! It's a trade-off.

  16. I haven't shaved recently, either. But I have several excuses, er reason, I mean. One (and this is the biggie) I only see the boyfriend MAYBE once a week right now and I am not trying to shave for the EX. Two Lorelli likes to take showers with me in the morning and that is just downright wrong to shave all my private parts and legs etc in front of her. Three its cold(ish) outside right now and I don't have to. Four I dont want to because I am lazy. And five, OH YEAH, did I mention that am only seeing the one person I shave for (other than myself because I obviously want to be clean shaven just for me) has not touched my legs (or any other hairy/hairless parts of me) in three weeks.

  17. Pretty sure that's how my legs look right now, too!!!! We had a beautiful day a week or so ago and I couldn't wear capris because I haven't shaved recently- heh!


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