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I'm back. And I'm not going to ask you how much you missed me - I'm just going to imagine you crying into your pillow at night, anxiously awaiting my return. Because you know that's exactly how it went down.

Isn't it?

*cricket, cricket*

Actually, I've been back for a few days, but sometimes I have writing clients that, like, rudely interfere with my blogging. I mean, how dare they offer me paid assignments when I have blog posts to write for free! In the past week I've written fourteen advertorials (ads cleverly disguised as articles), and let me tell you - between that and the kids, I feel like someone has taken my brain and squeezed it out like a damn sponge. Which is why this post is pretty much going to be mindless drivel.

But hey, I'm posting.

The trip to Aunt Betty's after-Thanksgiving Thanksgiving was an overall success. Only a few things went amiss:
- I walked around the family reunion and talked to like a bazillion people before someone kindly pointed out that I had two big milk-spots on the front of my shirt
- I walked around the family reunion and talked to like a bazillion people before someone kindly pointed out that I had dog poop all over my shoe
- We got pulled over (but ended up without a ticket, thank goodness)
- Curtis, who is usually the human Mapquest, got us lost practically in the wilderness

Other than that, the trip was pleasant enough. But I was glad to get home to our half-decorated Christmas tree. Which is still - you guessed it - half decorated. I plan to finish it tomorrow.

But who am I kidding? I also planned to, you know, be all rich and skinny and stuff.


  1. I, for one, am SO glad you're here! I worry about things. . .like, maybe you all had been mauled by bears, or taken hostage by the natives,or fell into some quicksand. And one always has to worry about ROUS *shudder*.

    Good to know that you're back and in one piece - milk stains and all. *winces*

  2. I have been crying EVERY SINGLE night! I missed you soooo much!

    And what's a little breast milk and dog poop among family? :)

  3. At least things were interesting!! It gives you something to post about!


  4. I am glad your back. You were missed.

  5. HEY - at least you HAVE a half-decorated tree. Mine is packed away for moving - you know - the moving that never happened? UGH. It has totally zapped my Christmas spirit. No decorations, no tree, no outside lights. Bleh humbug....

    BUT - I missed the heck out of you - I was going to email and BEG you to blog something, anything, to feed my addiction. I was so relieved to see your new posting this morning. It kept me from going postal. Seriously.

    Oooo - I know what ROUS's are - I loved that movie - rodents of unusual sizes attacking our Frumpy-less mother. Ha, after 3 boys? She'd win.

  6. Glad you're done with the advertorials and back in the routine! That's the only trouble with freelance writing -- it seems that all the assignments are due at the same time! (Hope you get the tree finished this weekend.) ;o)


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