I Wish I Could REALLY "Laugh My Ass Off"

I am never - NEVER - without a camera. That's because I encounter far too many hilarious and amusing things to ever be left without a way to document them. Okay, so my "camera" is just my iPhone (hence the crappy picture quality I get sometimes) but still ... it works in a pinch. Such as the other day when Curtis and I were driving through a used car lot and I made him bring the Jeep to a screeching halt by yelling, "Oh my God! Stop stop stop so I can get a picture!"

The picture in question was this:

  Obviously the work of some creative letter-peeling, but LOL-worthy all the same. (Unless there really IS a "Bitch's Used Cars" ... wouldn't that be fabulous?!)

And then there was this little disclaimer on my new sheets:

It's hard to see (damn camera), but it says "Decorative items not included." Which made me all sad-facey because hello, I totally thought there was going to be a vase of flowers in with my sheets.

Speaking of decorative ...

Because nothing says classy interior design like a dog potty-training pad that COMPLEMENTS YOUR DECOR. Now if I could just get Josie to crap in coordinating colors too.

Then there's this ripoff machine full of crap toys that, for only $300 in quarters, you too can purchase something from:

I mean, who doesn't want to play with a figurine named after an Asian cabbage? I was just disappointed that the machine didn't feature Bok Choy Boy's archnemesis, the Kimchee Kid.

But if you don't get what you want from the machine, you can always console yourself with a sweet treat:

Mmm, rocky toad. My faaaavorite.

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  1. We've had way too much cold weather here in Florida and I continually say I wish I could really freeze my ass off. It would be so helpful.

    Those are great. We need more businesses with the word "Bitch's" in the title. I'd patronize them, for sure!

    I travel a lot to San Francisco and I love finding these kinds of treasures in their wonderful Chinatown. The English interpretations are hysterical!

  2. Years ago I saw a Burger King sign that read:

    Kid's Day
    BUGERS 39 cents

    Wished I'd had my camera! I know it's only a misspelling, but I laughed out load!

  3. Reminds me of the take-out coffee cups that say "caution - contents may be hot". Well I certainly hope so - it's COFFEE!

  4. Ok, that is funny stuff! Thanks for a good laugh. Now, I have GOT to know....how do you find time, between all the pees and poops and other things to blog every day? I really need to know, because MAN I just can't seem to get it done.

  5. Those are hilarious. Thanks for sharing!

  6. My daughter loves those quarter machines. I'm pretty sure we even have a Bokchoy boy.

  7. I would definitely buy a car from Bitch's

  8. I too make sure that I ALWAYS have my camera with me but I have not been lucky enough to find those gems.

  9. But does a matching vase come with the doggy training pad?

  10. hey! i want a bok choy boy!

  11. Bitch's Used Cars. Sounds like an AWESOME place to shop!

  12. Hilarious! I have to start carrying my little Canon around in my giant purse. My cell phone is so old it doesn't have a camera! Anyone remember those days?

  13. lol. i'm going to have to start keeping an eye for these things- although it may just be a gift you have!

  14. I am also going to try and keep an eye out for such treasures! I'm totally tweeting this!

    ~Amber @ The Mom Road

  15. LOL, gotta get some of that Rocky Toad! Meat and ice cream all in one! Mmmmmm.........

  16. lol! I love these and frequently take my camera out with me just to catch them as well. I am hoping to get a smaller camera as my nikon doesn't fit in my purse(eh..diaperbag)!

  17. You mean, puppy poop brown doesn't go with training pad beige?? lol :)

  18. LOL I do the same thing, random photos of craziness. great post!!

  19. LOL These are great - thanks for sharing!

  20. So freakin' funny - my favorite is the cleverly peeled decal.


  21. LOL -- those are hilarious!!

    Your car pic reminds me of a time when I was soooo glad I had a camera with me. It was this past summer, after Michael Jackson died. I passed a car that was trying (oh, how she tried) to commemorate Michael's passing.

    In white, white shoe polish was written:
    "In loving MENORY of MICHEL Jackson. RPI"

    I kid you not.

    It. Was. Awesome!

    (p.s. I've moved to Wordpress! Following In My Shoes)

  22. Hilarious!! I never think to get my camera out when I see stuff like that!

  23. Those are hysterical! I always forget to bring my camera with me and then I see some funnies.

    PS My house is Bitches Laundry Service. Ironing not included.


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