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Sometimes my brain can't seem to form a single coherent thought, let alone string them together into a coherent blog. So for days like this, I stockpile photos that make me laugh ... amusing things I've encountered that just beg to be made fun of in a public forum. I took each of these pictures myself. Some are poor quality, others are just poor taste, but they all give me the giggles.

First up we have these tacos: whoever made them was generous with the cheese. If by "generous" I mean "ridiculous." Seriously, seven little shreds of cheese? Who does that? "I hope you're not too full from those tacos ... here's your half-tablespoon of ice cream and three sprinkles!"
Next up, an actual search performed on my computer ... by Cameron, my one-year-old. Perhaps he was searching for Mr. Mackey from "South Park," mmkay? (For those of you who can't place Mr. Mackey, here's a helpful photo.)
And here's the search:

Then there's this dollar that Curtis found. If you can't read it, it says "not for drugs" in red ink right there by George Washington's face. I was really disappointed - that's totally what I had planned to use it for. Because, you know, what crack dealer doesn't want a whole dollar?

I surreptitiously snapped a picture of these sweet white loafers with my camera phone. You can't tell by the photo, but they were some sort of reptile-skin texture. Sans socks, naturally. And they were worn by a dude with a serious Donald Trump-like comb-over, which made the overall impression even more awesome.

Hehe. I'll take one of these ... to go.

And finally, though it's completely out of season ... this is a picture of my boys with Santa last year. I'm convinced that this was no mistake: that not-so-jolly old elf was doing this in EVERY.SINGLE.PICTURE that we took. It's a total "I'm stickin' it to these parents" incognito flip-off. I'm so onto you, Santa.

Just wait 'till you see what I'll be leaving you on Christmas Eve this year instead of the traditional milk and cookies. Jerk.


  1. LOL....gotta love those reptile loafers! And I noticed Santa's gesture before and meant to mention it to you. Creepy! My fave is the "not for drugs" dollar. I doubt it would get you much on the drug market these days! :o)

  2. I love these posts. Not only because they are so funny, but because it reminds me of the picture messages Mike and I send each other all the time. I'll snap a picture of a bad toupee and he'll send me a picture of his boss wearing lime green shorts. Fun!
    The Santa picture is wild. You are so right, he's totally doing that on purpose. It reminds me of the Seinfeld episode when Elaine sends out all of her Christmas cards then realizes that her nipple was showing!

  3. Yeah, it almost makes me wish I had reported Santa's shenanigans to the powers-that-be at the Festival of Trees (where this pic was taken). Wonder how many other people's pictures he did that in?

    Jenn, Curtis and I do the same thing. The only time it didn't amuse me was when he sent me a picture of himself in Vegas ... up against a police car. It was a joke, of course, but he had me worried for a minute! :)

  4. LOL funny....hey do you remember the guy I took a picture of in Cancun last year....he was covered in fur! UGH! I still have it too. I wish I could post it on here for you to get a kick out of!

  5. Oh yeah, I definitely remember that guy ... it looked like he was wearing a sweater. Somebody desperately needed a wax!

    Send it to me sometime and I'll post it in a future edition. :)

  6. LOL this is hilarious. I want a hot dong now!

    And the "not for drugs" bill cracked me up.

  7. LOL Amber! I can't help but think - the way your blogs have been sounding since Tom's been home - that he might just obligingly offer you some "hot dong." ;)

  8. Bah humbug! That Santa bites. Flippin' off the cameras? Really?

    What did he think the job would be like when he signed up for the gig? :)

    Hilarious post, Rita!


  9. Thanks Francesca! And exactly: I mean, a Santa gig can't be the BEST job in the world, but did he expect something different?

    And what surprised me is that he looked like an older guy. I might expect that kind of behavior from, say, a college kid moonlighting as Santa Claus ... but wow ...

  10. These pictures were so awesome. I would be so irritated with the cheese putter on-er. What the heck?!?! I can't even taste that. Are you sure there is cheese? And don't you have to pay extra for cheese anyway? SHEESH!

  11. Thank you Charisse! I know ... the skimpy cheese in the taco pic reminds me of how much I hate ordering pizza. I always ask for extra cheese, and their idea of "extra" and mine are vastly different. :)


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