Oh, the Madness!

I don't know what I've gotten myself into, y'all.

Yeah, I've had cold feet about the whole "three kids" thing before - on more than one occasion. Right before Coby was born in September, I had a mini-meltdown thinking about how I was going to handle the two I had plus a new baby. But you know what? It worked. Coby is nearly six months old (already! Yikes!), and there have been no major fiascos in his short little life ... yet. We've got our routine down, and I can handle a four-year-old, two-year-old and five-month-old simultaneously ... for now.


Several developments of late have got me seriously fearing for my future sanity. First of all is this new trend of the boys beating each other's asses. I mean, they've more or less always squabbled, but now they're taking it to a whole new level. Brother steals a piece of food from your plate? Whack him with a mean sidearm. Brother wants the random piece of junk toy you're playing with? Shove him into the nearest wall. Brother innocently watching TV? This calls for an ambush, ninja-style. The change mystifies me ... all I can chalk it up to is the fact that they're getting older. But they're four and two. I have the sinking feeling that this is only going to get worse. I mean, I've still got another one to add to the mix. Lord help me.

(We interrupt this blog post for a "LOL" moment: I actually just heard Colin say to his brother, "You can blow me, but don't lick me." He was talking about his shoulder, but ...hee hee hee)


Then there's the nap schedule. I've had it down to a science until now: all three boys, for the past three months at least, have napped at the same time every day. But now Colin is outgrowing the need for an afternoon rest. And Coby has entered this catnapping phase - close eyes for ten minutes, wake up and fuss because he's tired, repeat. This is a crisis, y'all. That precious nap was my ticket to surfing the 'Net in peace getting things done! How am I supposed to stay abreast of pop culture get my laundry caught up now?

I guess I can handle everything. I mean, I don't have much of a choice (if I did, I'd be in some tropical locale sucking up frosty drinks like they're going out of style). But it'd be nice if the boys would give me some warning before they decide to throw a wrench into our routine. Or if they, you know, came with an instruction manual or something.

Off to mediate another beating dispute.



  1. We dread the day our ONE child outgrows naps. :) Deep breath? Wine?

    And I love that pic. TOO funny,.

  2. Those three boys definitely energize the atmosphere at your house! At least your life is never dull. ;o) Thank goodness we start with small children - hence, smaller problems - and gradually work up to the bigger stuff. Can you imagine starting out with three teenagers? Yikes! I know you guys are up for the challenge and will do just fine.

  3. Frosty drinks....Miami Vice sista!! Those were the best in Cancun!! HaHa to the boys - you do have your work cut out but somehow I think you'll be able to manage. And there's never a dull moment at your crib...it keeps us entertained!! :-)

  4. Oh lordie, I don't know how you do it! Love the picture too, that really says it all... I can just picture them beating the shit of each other (and judging by many of your other posts, probably with little to no clothing on) LOL! :)

  5. I hate to tell you but wrestling and boys goes hand in hand. They NEVER quit! I hate it...with a passion.

  6. I totally feel your pain about this. My oldest, Hayden has stopped taking naps. It makes me cry but I do banish him to his room full of toys for an hour so that I at least get that time during the day.

  7. Yup. I hear you. But I do promise it gets easier. At 8,5,and 4, mine still are physical w/ each other, but it's mostly just play. Mostly.

  8. I know this is late...but I was searching through the old posts, and saw this picture. I literally have tears rolling down my face, from laughing so hard. That's the funniest, cutest thing ever!!!

  9. I was looking at your blog and saw this .Reminded me of your cousins Tom and Jason. These memories will stay with you forever. Wait till thy are 8,9,10 Such fun. My two played fireman and burned the fisher price house and barn. They saw their cousin fall from his motorcycle. Didn't come to get me. they were busy spitting on the exaust pipe to watch it sizzle. The list goes on.


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