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I'm glad my birthday is over. For real.

It wasn't a horrible day - meaning I didn't get in a wreck or find out I have a life-threatening disease or lose my home or get a divorce or accidentally wax off an entire eyebrow.

But it was a trying day. Meaning I had to dig something from the dog's butt, clean up yarf from said dog who decided to eat her entire bowl of food and drink her entire bowl of water (twice - ugh!), cope with my husband forgetting it was even my birthday, and all sorts of other mundane yet irritating crap.

Curtis finally did remember ... after our friend Luke read my blog and gave him a "courtesy call" (thanks, Luke!). So we went out to dinner. But not like a romantic one-on-one dinner ... it was a dinner at a barbecue place with the kids. Where Cameron (our two-year-old) was, for some reason, so horrible that I didn't even want to stay for dessert. And that's like Paris Hilton not wanting to stay for a photo-op, y'all. That ought to tell you just how naughty he was being. He wouldn't stay seated, we kept having to constantly shush him, and he was grabbing all over my pale pink shirt the whole time with his little barbecue-y fingers.

Then I went to Wal-Mart. I thought I was giving myself a break by taking only the baby. But I was wrong, as the baby cried for a solid ten minutes until I took him out of the cart and carried him. While pushing the cart. And getting groceries.

And when I got home, I made myself a birthday dessert. Which I burned.


This coming weekend I will have the chance to really celebrate, with my best friends and extended family, when we pack up and head to our home state for a few days. My sister in law Arunporn is whipping me up a big Thai feast, my brother Steve is making my birthday cake (so if I never come back, you'll know what happened), and my best girls will have drinks at the ready. So. I like to look at yesterday as a faux-birthday. A test run, if you will.

To close this post I'd like to share something with you that I found hi-LARIOUS. This is an actual excerpt that I took from my Facebook feed, posted by an actual friend of mine (his identifying details have been anonymized, natch). It was so priceless that I had to take a screenshot:

Love it. You know who you are. :)



  1. So, with what I had going on, I think I managed to forget to wish you a happy birthday. I don't suppose you will believe it, or will help, but I will tell you, I loved my 30s most of all. They really were amazing. I hope you feel the same about yours!

  2. Sorry it sucked!! :(

    Loved the FB fail... you should submit it to Failbooking!

  3. You're silly - and so is your friend. Hope you have an awesome trip, and sorry about the not so happy if not awful birthday. . .

  4. Oh man! So sorry the birthday wasn't much fun at all. I'm thinkin' it's 'cause it was a Monday. And Mondays IMO don't make for good birthday - days. My last Monday birthday . . . I cried. Anyhow, I'm gonna be 32 this year, and 30 was awesome. I wasn't pregnant ALL year, I lost a good 20 pounds and felt like a normal person again. All that to say, I hope your celebration this weekend will help kick off your 30's on a good note. Happy belated birthday :)

  5. Happy belated birthday. Sorry it wasn't that great though. But that Facebook thing made me giggle.

  6. OK since it was a faux birthday day, then you aren't really 30 yet so you're faux 30 and don't have to say you're 30 until AFTER the slamming birthday weekend, right? And then you can turn twenty ten with grace and dignity, dancing on the table whoo whoo'ing and slamming back drinks and cake, right??

  7. I LOVE Crown Royal....LOL who doesn't. Oh yeh, probably the people who attend Grace Baptist Church....LMAO

  8. Awe, sorry your day sucked so bad. I have had birthdays like that too. I'm sure this weekend will more than make up for it!

  9. As the old saying goes, "All's well that ends well." This weekend will make up for the tedious August 30th that was supposed to be your birthday. Let the real party begin! ;o)


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