Doin' the Charleston

So I just got back a couple of days ago from my trip to lovely Charleston, South Carolina. I've been trying to figure out some ideas for a really impressive vacation post, but y'know ... it's just not all that interesting. Not that I didn't have a spectacular time (friends! beaches! shopping! alcohol!), but showing you all my boring photos would be - well, boring.

It's like my friend drollgirl says in her latest post: "I know vacation shots are probably only fun for those that went on the trip, and maybe not even for them." And she takes FAR better pictures than I do.

So I'm just going to show you a couple of my favorites, give you some highlights, and leave it at that.

I touched a stingray at the South Carolina Aquarium. A couple things to consider: a.) I won't even touch a worm, and b.) a stingray killed the Crocodile Hunter, y'all. So this was kind of a big deal for me.

  Note the position of my hand. Doesn't it just scream "confidence?"

We took an excursion to Morris Island, an uninhabited stretch of beach that's only accessible by boat (where my dumb white self got a heinous sunburn). While we were there, we saw a real live jellyfish washed up on the beach (which later stung Curtis when his dumb white self tried to nudge it back into deep water with his toe)!

Yes, we were fascinated.

Now, a jellyfish may be no big deal to some of y'all who regularly spend time in the sand, but keep in mind that this is where we come from:

So yeah. Jellyfish. Big deal to us landlocked Iowans.

We also visited Drayton Hall, the oldest unrestored plantation house in North America.

I don't have anything funny to say about that, because historical sites aren't funny. Except the fact that the tour guide told us they used sheep to mow the lawn. Now that was amusing.

I ate like a friggin' lumberjack while I was there. (A starving lumberjack with a compulsive overeating disorder.) But oh, the tantalizing cuisine of the South! Fried scallops. Shrimp and grits. Collard greens. Hush puppies. Boiled peanuts. And sweet tea everywhere you go! That's a personal fantasy of mine.

One delicious treat we found were pecan pralines. When we stopped in a candy store to buy some, Curtis bought a pack of ... bacon-and-cheese-flavored crickets. Yes, like the bug. Here's one of them on his tongue. Disgusting! He says they got stuck in his teeth. *shudder*

No kisses for you, mister!

I had such a good time. Every day was something new and exciting. My favorite evening activity was on Friday, when we went for a stroll through downtown Charleston and sampled the nightlife. (And by "the nightlife" I mean "the drinks.") Now, I rarely drink - maybe twice a year - so it's an occasion when I do. And it was just the occasion I needed to loosen up and dance my ever-lovin' ass off ... inspiring those lecherous glances and catcalls from random dudes that, let's face it, most of us enjoy receiving once in a while. I felt like a hot chick that night, rather than somebody's frumpy, turning-thirty-in-26-days-but-who's-counting mommy. The shot of self-esteem was PRICELESS, I tell you (and also the reason for my random 2:30 a.m. Facebook status of, "Yep, I've still got it").

All in all, it was a wonderful vacation. Just what we needed. Yeah, it was a little bit hard to return to the Land of Demands and Excessive Poop, but the hugs and kisses from our boys were the perfect welcome home.

I usually end my posts with a signature, and this one is no exception - but today, it's Charleston beach-style.
Thanks for sharing in my vacation, y'all.


  1. Ahhhh you touched a stingray!? I am going to have to find a place to do that while I'm down there.

    I love all the old architecture in Charleston (that plantation house? WOW!) so hopefully I can drag my mom around with me to look at some.

    It sounds like you guys had a wonderful time and I definitely hope that my trip is as full and awesome as yours!

    PS. I really hope hubs brushed his teeth after those crickets.

  2. Am I the only one who likes looking at people's vacation photos? And by that I mean the few they upload on facebook or their blogs, I HATE when someone makes me look at their vacation photos on the screen of their camera.

    Oh, the only reason I'm saying this is because I just blogged about my vacation! There was more nerds though, so maybe that makes up for it.

  3. I like looking at vacation photos! It looks like you had a great time! I love the old plantation house!!

  4. That looks like grown-up awesomeness! And as for your "Land of Demands and Excessive Poop", sorry that it didn't magically change into something more tidy while you were away. :)

  5. What a fun time. I would never kiss your husband again! ( if I were you that is)

  6. Enjoy your last 36 days of 20's freedom.

    I really want to go to Charleston and before your post I had no desire to do so.

  7. LOVE the sand signature - awesome idea! Glad you had such a wonderful time.

  8. Charleston is totally on my list. Ive heard it's great! Looks like a ball.

  9. So glad you guys could get away for that well-deserved vacation. Everything you did sounds like fun to me!
    And I enjoyed my vacation at your house with the boys! Poop or not, they're SO much fun!

  10. you went south, I went north but we had the same experiences - including the rare drinking, and being oggled! I need to write about mine, but haven't gotten that far yet

  11. I am so glad that you had a great time during your stay here and enjoyed so much reading your blog! Sometimes I envy visitors to this area that we lovingly call the Lowcountry because they often get to spend more time on the beach than I do and they visit places that I have never taken the time to visit even though I am a lifetime resident! I hope that you will have an opportunity to visit again!

    If you or anyone that you know needs additional info about the Charleston area or is thinking about a move, please visit .

  12. Awww sounds like you two had a great time! I love your sand signature;) I can never visit the beach without writing our names in the sand.


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